​Silo 2.5.4 - High DPI support comes to Silo!
​Silo 2.5.4 - High DPI support comes to Silo!
Dev Notes / April 20th, 2018 11:17 pm     A+ | a-

High-res display users rejoice; Silo now supports high DPI for both Windows and MacOS. Silo was previously using default OS scaling, which produced blurry results. This update was surprisingly complex and involved touching many parts of the Silo code, so be sure to let us know of any issues you encounter.

Grab the update at: http://nevercenter.com/silo/download_file
Update notes at: http://nevercenter.com/silo/release_notes

For those keeping track, this is our fourth significant Silo update in the past five months. (We're alive!) ;)

Happy modeling! 

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April 28th, 2018 8:47 pm
Hey! Love the tool so far! Just a quick note.

Seems like if you use the creasing tools to create smoothing groups it works fine when exporting out as OBJ but not FBX.

Not sure why but I was importing models in using OBJ and it came in fine, but didn't have the materials with it so I decided to use FBX instead but now all my smoothing groups are gone.

I'm so so happy with the latest updates though they are freaking amazing! Cheers! Don't stop the progress!
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