CameraBag: Modern Photo Editing for Mac and PC
"Nevercenter have created another revolution for photo editing." - Professional Photographer Magazine
"Mac App of the Year Runner-Up" - Apple

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Welcome to CameraBag, a modern, award-winning photo app with a fresh approach to editing your pictures.

At the heart of CameraBag is our proprietary Analog Engine, which applies every adjustment you make using non-destructive 32-bits-per-component accuracy, all at blazing speeds. What that means for you is smoother tones and a more interactive workflow, no matter how many tweaks you make to your images (especially when working with RAW photos).

CameraBag's innovative tile-based workflow lets you instantly see exactly what adjustments you've applied at any point, so you can easily tweak, re-order, layer, and nest them as needed. This workflow also lets you do things that are simply impossible in other photo editors, like layering multiple tone curves rather than trying to squeeze all levels adjustments into one complicated curve.

Start with CameraBag's large set of included filter presets, then go deeper by creating and sharing your own. You can even use any filter you make with CameraBag in our newest iPhone photo app, Fotograf.

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Key Features
  • Large set of built-in high-quality adjustable filters
  • Full suite of photographic tools, including advanced curve editors
  • Build your own entirely new filters from scratch or from existing filters
  • Elegant, modern interface
  • Innovative tools not found anywhere else, such as CameraBag's curve-based color corrector
  • Fast image processing via the revolutionary Analog Engine
  • 32-bits-per-component color depth
  • Entirely non-destructive editing process
  • Easy layering of filters and adjustments
  • Quicklooks and previews for fast visual decision-making
  • Large, precise controls - works great on a laptop
  • Watermarking and custom image-based borders
  • Batch processing
  • RAW format support* (See FAQs for in-depth information)

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Saving and Sharing Favorites

If you have a combination of adjustments that you want to use again, you can save that bottom tray as a Favorite filter for access later. Simply go to File and choose "Add Filter to Favorites", or click on the "+" button. You will then be prompted to enter in a name for this Favorite. Click Save and you will be able to find your new Favorite filter in the Favorites tab.

You can also send filters to a friend. With the adjustment combination you like in the bottom tray, go to "File" > "Save Filter..." and save it to a location of your choosing on your computer. Send this file to a friend with CameraBag 2, and they can load it for their own use by going to "File" > "Load Filter..." or by simply dragging the .cbf file into the program.

Change your mind later about a Favorite? No problem. Just click on the little "x" to delete it.
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System Requirements
- Mac: OSX 10.7 or newer, Intel CPU (Core 2 Duo or better)*
- Windows: Vista, Windows 7, or newer
- 70MB Hard Drive space

Looking for an older version or don't match the system requirements? Check out the CameraBag Downloads Page to find what you are looking for.