Additional CameraBag 2 Styles
One of the great things about CameraBag is creating, sharing, and building up your personal set of filters. We've designed and selected some additional filters for you to download and grow your My Styles library; if you've created a filter you would like to share, we'd love to see it.

Send us a filter you've created
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Dark Gold
Depth and darkened magic for your shots. Created by Feed.

Family Stationwagon
Your little brother kept poking you. A/C only worked part-time. But the day was good. From Patrice C.

As recorded on the pages of your local daily. By Francisco T.

Red Light District
A filter with washed out brightness mixed with shadows and just a splash of color. Thanks to James Ward for sending it in!

A Little More Processed
Have fun with your photos. This filter from Zakirah Zakaria will make them look good all dressed up.

Warm Greys
Beautiful grey tones with warmth. Try this one especially on portraits for a great classic-yet-friendly feel.

Inspired by Daido Moriyama, Thomas C. created this ultra-high contrast, grainy, monochrome filter. Great for street photography, landscapes, and even portraits.

Darkened Softness
With lurking subtle green/brown shadows, this is another alluring filter from Chris.

Like a memory from the land of Nod, we love this one for well-lit portraits and landscapes.

Grainy, washed out, pink and cream, fabulous. Sent in by Mark.

Blown-out and glowing, this filter from Tom brings photos into an enchanted fairytale.

Beautiful scenes with nostalgic flair. A definite favorite. (Thanks, Chris!)

Old Matte
The gentle hues and soft corners from Chris' filter bring a creamy calm to photos.

Color Splash
Bringing the bright tones out play, this great filter from Chris is a favorite of ours for landscapes.

Instant 70s
Warm brown and reddish tones give a soft and nostalgic feel, snapping photos back decades into the past.

Solemn black-and-white like archival footage, this filter from Tom is a great addtion to your black-and-white filter palette.

Pink Leak
Dramatic light splashes through the image in this filter sent from Mark P.

1982 Magazine
This filter from Marcus O. has a sunny, warm, and fuzzy feel with red shadows, warm greens, and a bit of oversaturation.

Light-filled monochrome like an antique-shop postcard or an heirloom photo album. Filter from Tom.

Relaxed Sepia
Brent sent us this great semi-desaturated filter with upped exposure and contrast and just a hint of purple and yellow hues.

Film NC06
Following the Film NC01-NC05 line, Film NC06 is a clean filter with purple-hued depth.

Film 3X
Capturing the feel of a monochrome film sensitive to blue light, try Doug's filter with the Contrast/Grain/Constrast node set on and off.

Super Lolo
Doug suggests using this as a base for intensely saturated looks. Try Brightness:40, Colorcross:100/70, Lolo:100/70 for a green/purple variant.

Clean and light with soft colors, this filter by Tom feels like a breath of fresh spring air.

A high-contrast, brightly colorful, intense, blown-out experience.

Blue Fade
Martyn sent us this beautiful filter. Try it with the vignette both on and off.

Golden hues mix with dark shadows for a rich effect evoking years gone by. From Stephanie.

Inspired by the original Slate custom filter from CameraBag Desktop 1. Also try Martyn's blue-tinted variant, Slate 2.

For warmer browns and creams. Try toggling the Contrast tile to get a cooler effect.

CameraBag 2.0 Default Favorites
A ZIP file containing the set of default filters that ship with CameraBag 2.0

Saving and Sharing Favorites

If you have a combination of adjustments that you want to use again, you can save that bottom tray as a Favorite filter for access later. Simply go to File and choose "Add Filter to Favorites", or click on the "+" button. You will then be prompted to enter in a name for this Favorite. Click Save and you will be able to find your new Favorite filter in the Favorites tab.

You can also send filters to a friend. With the adjustment combination you like in the bottom tray, go to "File" > "Save Filter..." and save it to a location of your choosing on your computer. Send this file to a friend with CameraBag 2, and they can load it for their own use by going to "File" > "Load Filter..." or by simply dragging the .cbf file into the program.

Change your mind later about a Favorite? No problem. Just click on the little "x" to delete it.
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