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How-To Videos
Take a look at one of the videos below, or visit our YouTube Playlist for a complete listing.

CameraBag 2 Quick Tips: Cropping and Straightening
How to use the Crop/Straighten tool in CameraBag to easily frame your photo just how you like it. Highlights include fixed aspect ratios and small straightening tweaks vs full image rotation.

CameraBag 2 Quick Tips: Contrast
A brief video showing some of the special features of the contrast controls in CameraBag 2. Highlights include being able to get true full contrast, adjusting the brightness origin of the contrast, and the difference between luminance contrast and standard RGB contrast.

CameraBag 2 Quick Tips: Color Corrector
How to use the innovative and powerful Color Corrector tool in CameraBag 2 to do both standard white balance correction as well as interesting coloring effects.

Also Available:
Filter Previews - There are three different ways to preview filter effects in CameraBag 2, and each is useful in different situations. Be sure to learn the shortcuts C, A, B, and F!

Creating a New Filter (Drama) - An example of how to create your own photo filters. Here, we create a new custom-built favorite, "Drama".

Stacking Curves and Effects - A quick look at the ability to stack multiple tiles of the same effect. How to do it, and why you'd want to.

Vignette - Add vignette to your image using the Amount, Sharpness, and Radius sliders. Slide Amount to 0 for a white vignette.

Sliders - CameraBag 2's unique sliders give you precise control over a wide range of values. A look at both bounded and infinite sliders.

Borders - Learn about both Dynamic Borders (fully customizable) and the Image Borders (advanced styles) available.

The Colorcross Style, and Styles - No more canned looks. In CameraBag 2 each Style introduces an infinite range of looks, and you can control the amount applied for subtle adjustment.

Anatomy of a Custom Filter - It's easy to create custom filters and apply them to multiple images. Come on a walk-through of how it's done.

Not sure where to start? Try taking a look at the 30 Second Quick How-To Video or the 5 Min How-To Video.
Saving and Sharing Favorites

If you have a combination of adjustments that you want to use again, you can save that bottom tray as a Favorite filter for access later. Simply go to File and choose "Add Filter to Favorites", or click on the "+" button. You will then be prompted to enter in a name for this Favorite. Click Save and you will be able to find your new Favorite filter in the Favorites tab.

You can also send filters to a friend. With the adjustment combination you like in the bottom tray, go to "File" > "Save Filter..." and save it to a location of your choosing on your computer. Send this file to a friend with CameraBag 2, and they can load it for their own use by going to "File" > "Load Filter..." or by simply dragging the .cbf file into the program.

Change your mind later about a Favorite? No problem. Just click on the little "x" to delete it.
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System Requirements
- Mac: OSX 10.6 or newer, Intel CPU (Core 2 Duo or better)*
- Windows: Vista, Windows 7, or newer
- 70MB Hard Drive space