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  2. Clean the fly rod reel seats Over time, the fly rod reel seats or cork handle also accumulate dirt. You can easily clean the cork handle by using water and soap scrub pad. Custom fly rods | Online fly fishing store
  3. Learn about CameraBag's infinitely-variable Lightleak adjustment, and some tips on how to layer, adjust, and best make use of it in your editing workflow. What are your thoughts? We'd love to hear your questions, comments, suggestions, and other feedback in the thread below. #41 in the CameraBag Adjustments video series
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  5. Exciting news! Lightleak and an updated Zoom are both coming in the next update of CameraBag for Mac & PC (CameraBag Photo and CameraBag Cinema). You will now be able to zoom super far out and super far in (great for viewing/selecting individual pixel colors) PLUS use the much-loved Lightleak (originally from CameraBag 2, now updated and included in CameraBag 3). We wrote a bit more about it in a post on our developer blog: http://nevercenter.com/blog/index.php?pid=8
  6. Video Trimming

    Hi there! Can anyone help me with video trimming?? I don't want to reduce the size of my video, I just want to cut out unwanted (blurry) portions within it . . . I have v3.0.210 & am using a Mac with OS X El Capitan v10.11.6. Thank you!
  7. Good morning! Can anyone help me with video trimming?? I don't want to reduce the size of my video, I just want to cut out unwanted (blurry) portions of it . . . I have v3.0.210 & am using a Mac with OS X El Capitan v10.11.6. Thank you!
  8. Hoooo YES !!!! Thanks a lot ^^
  9. Where are the creative filters in the v3 ???

    Hi Yannick! Thanks for the update and sorry about the confusion--which filters are you looking for? We have all of the legacy v3.0 filters available at the bottom of http://nevercenter.com/camerabag/photo/download/#otherdls (look for "CameraBag Photo v3.0 Default Presets"), and we have all of the CameraBag 2 filters available at http://nevercenter.com/camerabag/photo/v_2/ (under "Legacy Styles"). You can add any of these into your current installation of CameraBag v3 following the instructions here: (Although it says CameraBag v2.7 the in-CameraBag process is the same for v3. Just ignore the website appearance.) Is this what you are looking for? If it is something else please let us know--we'd love to help!
  10. Hi! You can definitely do this. If you load a LUT into CameraBag you will see it at the bottom in the tray. Whatever is in the tray can be saved as one of your Presets (use "File > Save Filter to Presets..."). You can do this for any LUTs you'd like saved in your Presets (which will make them show up in Quicklook) -- each one that you save will be listed under "My Presets". Hope this helps! Please let us know if this is unclear. We've had a couple of questions in about it; we might go ahead and make a quick video showing how this is done.
  11. free trial

    Sorry about any confusion! The download will ask for a registration code when you install it (because the same download can be fully unlocked to register the program on your system), but you can click the button on that same popup saying you would like to continue in trial mode to get the free trial. Does this help?

    Hi Suzanne! Thanks for writing in! It looks like you can use your Google account or a USB cable to get your photos from your phone to your computer. We found a great writeup/explanation from Google here: https://support.google.com/nexus/answer/2840804?hl=en Hope this helps!
  13. Reduce image size?

    Thanks for the kind words! To answer your questions: 1) CameraBag Cinema can do video color grading, cropping, rotating, and so forth. If you think of a video as a series of photos, it can do to that series of photos the same things (and a few more) that CameraBag Photo can do to a single photo. We don't call it a full-scale video editor because there are a bunch of normal video-editor things it doesn't do--trimming video, joining video clips, editing/changing audio, etc. You will need an additional video editing program to do these things. What CameraBag Cinema DOES do, though, it does really well. So it's a great companion app allowing you to do those tasks more easily. 2) The way to reduce an image file size without reducing the pixel size is to remove some of the detailed data with it. Commonly, this is referred to as compression/quality. And CameraBag can definitely help with that! If you go to File > Save As, you get a pop-up save dialogue. The width and height are the pixel dimensions of the image. Leave that alone. What you can adjust is the File Type (jpg/png/tiff) -- which are basically different ways of storing photo data, and they will have different file sizes (generally, jpg will likely be smaller than png, for example) -- and also the "Quality" (if you select JPG). We've worked hard to make the photos saved out of CameraBag still look excellent even when quality is lowered; you may find a large image file size drop if you change quality from, say, 100 to 95, while it visually looks just as good (and of course a perfectly preserved pixel size). Hope this helps!
  14. Paying to use App

    Hi Natalie! So sorry we didn't see this until now--you can contact us at support@nevercenter.com anytime to help with billing issues. Were you able to get this resolved?
  15. Hello! We're excited to announce that CameraBag Mobile just got an update on the App Store--this latest release doubles the number of filters, makes adjustments work per-filter, has been updated to support the iPhone X, and more. Get it FREE at: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/camerabag-mobile-3/id1234337222?mt=8 Thank you for all of your feedback! Keep it coming. Best, Nevercenter (NYC, edited in the new EKO Slide filter)
  16. Hey, Just updated from 2.5 to 3.0 ... Where are the creative filters ?? I updated for them y
  17. When I try to load a RAW file from a Sony A6300 I see the attached crash message. 20180315_5559_024.arw
  18. Hello, I purchased camerabag photo and got a registration code and everything I’m trying to use previous version of camera bag but it populated the “0 days trial” prompt everytime I enter in my registration info. But it keeps saying it’s invalid code. How could this be? And what do I need to do to be able to access the old program?? why won’t my code work
  19. I've been using Camera Bag for sometime - love it. But tonight, I kept trying to open it and it refuses to open. My version is 3.0.210 My MacBook OS is: 10.13.3 I've never had a problem in it working in the past. Until tonight. it refuses to open. And in my "Force Quit Application" window, it says: CameraBag Photo (not responding). I have even redownloaded the most recent version - but it does the same thing. HELP - really need to get it back. Thanks.
  20. CameraBagged portrait

    What are the filter details?
  21. I am trying to transfer photos from my android phone to my computer. How do I do this once I have connected a phone by a USB cable to my computer? I find that nothing happens. Hope someone can help me. It is so frustrating! Thanks, Suzi
  22. Hi Everyone! A quick update: CameraBag Photo 3.x for Windows just got an update that should fix image loading errors that some users were experiencing (a common error message was "pFactory is null"), plus a fix for early-expiring trial periods. Free for all CameraBag Photo 3.x license holders, you can download this latest update from http://nevercenter.com/camerabag/photo/download Happy photo editing!
  23. PLS HELP WITH wic error: pFactory is NULL

    Hi fiorefiore! We have an update out that should fix this error: http://nevercenter.com/camerabag/photo/download/?filetype=pc Would love to hear if this now works on your system!
  24. WIC error: pFactory is NULL

    We have another update out that should fix this error: http://nevercenter.com/camerabag/photo/download/?filetype=pc Would love to hear if this now works on your systems!
  25. free trial

    Hi, I have dowloaded camerabag version 3.0.2 on my PC. The website says it includes a free trial but when I click on the .exe file that has been downloaded it asks me a registration code. How can I can a free trial ? Thank you
  26. Open RAW File from Finder

    I'm in the same case. .RAF Fujifilm S100fs... Since November 10,2016, there has been no correction. That's too pity.
  27. Hi, I've purchased a LUT pack which I use with davinciResolve 1, but with tedious labor. I tried loading the LUTs in Cinema to use the Quick Look function to be able to browse more efficiently and use the tiles to bring about necessary changes and export a new custom LUT, but in vain. I could only save ONE LUT at a time as a preset. Is there a way to load/save more than one LUT as a preset?
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