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    We're prepping a plugin that allows CameraBag Cinema to work as a plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro, take a look!
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    Yes, that'd be great to correct GoPro Footage and Wide Angle Lenses.
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    Hello Nevercenter team. Your CameraBag Cinema is an amazing piece of software. I like to alter/correct my videos with it. But I am missing a few things I need often. Do you plan to insert some tools for correcting distortions like fisheye? That would be big think.
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    This article suggests that one part of getting a "cinematic" look to a still photo is to crop it to a wide ratio, then add window-box borders out to 16:9. This is very easy to do in CameraBag 2 or CameraBag Photo. Activate Crop/Straighten and select an Aspect of 2.39:1 (the last choice on the list). Straighten and adjust edge positions as appropriate. Click Apply (CB2) or Done (CB-P). From the Adjustments tab, add a Fill Border, and select Aspect Ratio of 1.85 and set the color to black (0,0,0). That's it. I've saved off the border created in step 2 as a personal preset. With CameraBag 2 but not CameraBag Photo, you can also save the crop as part of the preset. CB-P doesn't seem to like crops in presets, though, so I don't recommend doing that.
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    Are you considering adding local adjustments to the software? I like the way global adjustments work in your software but since I do a lot of local adjustments (for dodging and burning) I rely more on other software programs for processing images. I would rely more on CameraBag if I could make local adjustments and if I could mask out parts of the global adjustments I make both with adjustments and presets.
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    Local adjustments are definitely something we bring up regularly in our discussion of development and the directions to go in. There are some functionality/interface questions to solve with this whole new "kind" of adjustment and discussions on implementation are mostly what have been holding us back--we definitely recognize the value in having local adjustments to go along with the global ones. We have been doing some back-end testing and it's looking more and more like this is a direction we could go in. Thanks for your feedback! Hearing what CameraBag users want really does help us decide what is added and how the software develops--we want it to be the best tool it can be.
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    One issue with the pro-oriented features like LUT support is that they can not be used on PC / Windows. If someone wants to use the pro version (Camerabag Cinema) and all the stuff like LUT support, i have to buy a mac computer to use it. Are there plans to release it on Windows too? If not, i think it would be nice to have something like Camerabag Photo Extended with LUT Support that runs on windows.
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    I found 2 bugs in the Windows version of CameraBag Photo 3.0.100 What the bug is: Open .NEF files through File->Load Photo, will crash almost instantly and consistantly. Steps to repeat the bug: Open .NEF files through File->Load Photo 'CameraBag Photo has stopped working' System/app version/file details: Windows 10 x64, CameraBag Photo version 3.0.100 from Steam. Other info: If I use the big 'Load an Image' button on screen it will load the picture, but if I use the menu it will crash. Also, other .jpeg files worked fine. Note: I have installed the Nikon NEF Codec software. Bug 2: What the bug is: Saving altered .NEF files through File->Save as Steps to repeat the bug: Open .NEF files through dragging the photo into CameraBag Photo.(onto the Load an Image button) Alter the picture 'Save as' any file type, none work, with full resolution(In my case 6000x4000 and Quality:100) Select a writable location(My documents, for example) When you save, you get the message 'CameraBag Photo has stopped working'. System/app version/file details: Windows 10 x64, CameraBag Photo version 3.0.100 from Steam. Other info: I have tried different things to work around the problem. I tried to open an image, then use File->Load Next and then alter and save, with the same results. Later I tried to bring down the resolution of the image to 3000x2000 and Quality:50. This enabled me to save the picture. Therefore I theorize that the problem may be with large files. This believe is strenghtend with the fact that my smaller .jpeg files opened, altered and saved without a problem. The image I attached will produce both bugs. I hope that you can repeat, find and fix these bugs. DSC_0454.NEF
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    Hi, I think it would be helpful to have CA and distortion correction is CB. The difficulty in both is of course that these 'faults' aren't in the same degree across the frame. It would also be nice to make the degree of control wide enough so that we, instead of removing it, can also add these distortions (eg. to fake a fisheye lens). Sincerely, Evert Provoost
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    Hi Ray, Thanks for your continued support of CameraBag! It sounds like the login confusion is because the forum is on a different system from purchases--now that you have a login here you will continue to be able to have access to the forums. (Forum membership is separate from having a license because you can be a forum member without actually owning a CameraBag license.) BUT, to your note about a discount--Doug's right in that the initial upgrade offer is over, but I happen to know that the discount code from our recent PHOTO30 sale (30% off CameraBag Photo) is still active even though it's not listed, so you are welcome to use that to bring your price down to $20. Just go to purchase, and then enter in PHOTO30 in the promo code field and click "Apply".
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    To my knowledge, there's no upgrade offer from CameraBag 2 to CameraBag Photo. When CameraBag Photo was first announced, there was a $29 upgrade offer. But that's the full price nowadays, so you're not missing anything. There have been occasional sales, so if you can't bring yourself to part with $29, maybe just waiting will help a bit.
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    1962 is in the CameraBag v2.6 Cameras download. Pinhole is in the CameraBag v2.0 Legacy Styles download.
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    Is their a way to increase the dpi to 300 for super enlarged prints
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    I work with video, often film telecined to video and when grading (colour balancing) the different shots, I need to be able to fix a filter's settings at particular places in time. A lot of Non-linear editors have Basic grading filters, FCP has a number, that can be accessed in the Timeline and with the passage of story time the light and lighting will shift, the grading tools need to change with it. That Camerabag Cinema is a free standing, external tool doesn't matter; Color for FCP was an external app that talked to FCP via "hand-offs" in XML I expect (I noted someone asking for the ability to work in CameraBag Cinema and FCPX just recently). Plug-in producers have had difficulty with GUI/work windows inside FCP in the past, the "hand-off" to and from the Apps is tricky for some but IF Keyframes in CamBag Cinema translated to Virtual files like Render files that FCP could access or ............ I don't know how you would achieve it but it would be mighty brilliant - look into the old FCP too, there are many (like myself) who use both but prefer the older version still (keeping a MacPro isolated for it too). By the way, I purchased CamBag Cine and Photo expecting that at some point you'd start adding Cine specific elements to it! Best wishes, Philip
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    Detailed how-to about using the Cube LUT adjustment in CameraBag Cinema. What are your thoughts? We'd love to hear your questions, comments, suggestions, and other feedback in the thread below. #37 in the CameraBag Adjustments series
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    Detailed how-to about using the Dead Pixel adjustment in CameraBag Photo and CameraBag Cinema. What are your thoughts? We'd love to hear your questions, comments, suggestions, and other feedback in the thread below. #36 in the CameraBag Adjustments series
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    Fantastic report, thanks! We'll try to recreate these and see if we can get to the bottom of it.
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    The first of the three masking tools currently in CameraBag, the Hue Mask tile can be placed to the left of any other adjustment tile to mask it so that its adjustments will apply only to specific hues. What are your thoughts? We'd love to hear your questions, comments, suggestions, and other feedback in the thread below. #29 in the CameraBag Adjustments series
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    Hey, I was looking at the chrominance chart and I still think that a more traditional vectorscope is easier to use (but that can just be me, failing to understand the chart). However something a lot more important is the skin-tone line which seems to be missing. Whenever you try to colour correct a picture (or video) the most important thing is to get the skin-tone's right. Another important thing on a vectorscope are the colour targets (these are especially important when using something like a Macbeth chart). Sincerely, Evert Provoost