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    Well, allow me to be the first one here So much fun. One big workflow bump though - it doesn't understand ProPhoto RGB.
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    Great ideas! The crop lines while straightening are coming in the next update. Copy and paste tiles is on the list and will show up soon as well. We'll look into the thing with raw files not being able to be set to open by default with CameraBag. Noise reduction is the main one we don't have on the docket, since most cameras these days have pretty advanced algorithms for that built in, and I'm not sure we can do better than them on that.
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    Hi, Louis. CameraBag 2 is oriented toward adjusting the entire image. It doesn't include localized adjustments such as red-eye -- although if you don't have any other red in the picture, the Hue Brightness adjustment could be used to darken all reds, and/or Hue Saturation to removed the color from all reds. CameraBag 2 also doesn't do printing; you need to save the picture into a separate file and print that file from some other tool. Cropping is part of the Crop/Straighten tool -- it's the first one in the Adjustments tab. It's a bit different from the other CameraBag tools in that you have to click the Apply button when you've got the crop set up the way you want. For resizing a single image, you can just set the desired size in the "Save" dialog. If you're batch-processing an entire folder full of images that are different sizes, you might find the Exact Size and Maximum Size tools -- the last ones in the Adjustments tab -- to be helpful. The Maximum Size tool won't expand images beyond their original size the way the Exact Size tool will.
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    Can't wait for the Windows version. Been out all day with my camera and some high-speed videos on the stormy sea... I like to try that in CameraBag Cinema.
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    Hi everyone! Just a quick installer update--if you were having trouble (missing DLL errors) when trying to install CameraBag 2.7 on your Windows computer, we just updated the installer with something that should resolve the issue. The new installer is live from http://nevercenter.com/camerabag/desktop (click the Download button at the top of the page). This was an issue that just happened on a handful of Windows systems, so we really appreciate everyone who wrote in. Thanks especially to CameraBag user Grant for working with us to get us the detailed data we needed! *Note that this is NOT an app update, just an installer update that makes sure the files for these specific systems are installed--so if you already have v2.7.02, you already have the latest version.
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    Hi everyone! Just wanted to let you know about the CameraBag & Fotograf Updates newsletter, which you can sign up for at http://nevercenter.com/camerabag/newsletter/ and never miss a beat. We make a point to try to put in good content and not over-send. For example, we recently sent out a user survey to the list to get feedback on who is using CameraBag and what directions they would like the software to go in. We've also sent out updates when new Fotograf filters are available for download, or when we have a new release or update for CameraBag Photo, CameraBag Cinema, or Fotograf. Question for you here on the forum: what kind of content would YOU like to hear about through the newsletter?
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    This article suggests that one part of getting a "cinematic" look to a still photo is to crop it to a wide ratio, then add window-box borders out to 16:9. This is very easy to do in CameraBag 2 or CameraBag Photo. Activate Crop/Straighten and select an Aspect of 2.39:1 (the last choice on the list). Straighten and adjust edge positions as appropriate. Click Apply (CB2) or Done (CB-P). From the Adjustments tab, add a Fill Border, and select Aspect Ratio of 1.85 and set the color to black (0,0,0). That's it. I've saved off the border created in step 2 as a personal preset. With CameraBag 2 but not CameraBag Photo, you can also save the crop as part of the preset. CB-P doesn't seem to like crops in presets, though, so I don't recommend doing that.
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    I currently use Fotograf as my main editing app on my iPhone and love being able to use it non-destructively through the Photos extension. This is a much better workflow than taking a photo, editing in an external app, saving a separate copy of it, etc. I’d purchase CameraBag in a heartbeat if I could do the same thing on my Mac, and would love syncing filters between CameraBag and Fotograf!
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    Thanks for the feedback! With the release of CameraBag Photo v3, CameraBag 2 was removed from sale and we are not planning on doing any more updates to it. We will still keep the resources/downloads available for all CameraBag 2.x license holders (http://nevercenter.com/camerabag/photo/v_2), but unfortunately we will probably not be able to add in the pin button to v2.
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    I already loved camera bag 2, just bought this like 2 days ago and its amazing!
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    +1 for this request. Also, a simple lasso tool to use as mask would do wonders. Everytime I want to use the HUE Saturation for making an entire image greyscale but keep just one element red, I have to hit Photoshop first to desaturate only the areas I don't want affected by CameraBag.
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    I just wanted to note that this would have been very difficult to do prior to CameraBag Photo. Being able to put both the processed Raw and the unprocessed JPEG into side by side tabs, with their own histograms, was crucial to being able to do this while retaining my sanity.
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    I upgrade my license thinking they fixed it, but still the same with the scaling problem
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    I have just bought this software to grade my father's 8mm cine film that has been telecined to HD video for his 80th birthday that has not seen the light of day for over 50 years. The grading seems to work fine but every file that I save is un-openable in other software such as Media Composer, Pro Tools HDX, Media -Slave2, VLC or Mpegstreamclip. Very disappointed - I can't make his birthday deadline and have to give him un-graded and un-mixed raw footage :-( I saved the files as an MP4 - please see attached screenshots I hope I am just missing something simple here? thanks for anyone's help cheers Mike OSX 10.10.3, 32GB ram, NVIDIA GeForce GT 610 1024 MB
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    I made a quick youtube video showing the layers of a quick vintage filter I made for some old-school muppet footage. I've also attached the CameraBag filter file, as well as a 3D LUT (which includes everything but the film grain). Here's the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rDzAVFpfsKQ&feature=youtu.be Muppet Vintage.cube Muppet Vintage.cbf
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    I'd be glad to beta-test CameraBag Desktop (Photo) for Windows. I'm also on Win 10 (64-bit).
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    It's probably something on my windows then, but i did some messing around and happens that i figured out how to open files again. Here's what i did if someone run into this too. 1 - Go to program folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\CameraBag 2); 2 - Right click on "CameraBag2.exe" and then choose "Troubleshooting Compatibility"; 3 - On the next window, choose "Troubleshoot Program" option. 4 - Check "The program worked in earlier versions of Windows..." and "The Program works but doesn't display correctly", and then Next; 5 - Choose "Windows 8" and then Next. 6 - Choose "Error message saying the program needs to run in 256 colors or 8-bit color mode", then next; 7 - Click on "Test Settings" and see if the program works... Worked for me! 8 - If it worked (i hope), go back to the troubleshoot windows and click Next, then choose "Yes, save these setting for this program". The window to open files change then, but it finally works!
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    Doug, just had a look at the CBF file and that is exactly the one I was looking for. You've made a very happy man who now has to spend a lot less time in Photoshop! Cheers, Tim
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    Here's the CBF file for Adjustment Discolor. Adjustment Discolor.cbf
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    yup! just had a chance to test it now and my problem files now work, well done thanks
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    Interesting idea, thanks! We will look into it.
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    The difference between the sharpen you see in CameraBag and the sharpen you see in your saved-out image is actually due to your computer's display and how it handles zoomed-in and zoomed-out images. When your computer makes an image smaller on screen than it actually is in pixel size, it has to decide how it shows the whole picture using fewer pixels. It compresses the image to display it, and displays often use a smoothing algorithm so everything looks nice; in this case, it sounds like the smoothing algorithm when the image is displayed is canceling out CameraBag's sharpening, and so the image *appears* to have less sharpen when it's viewed at smaller than 100%. This could vary app-to-app, which is why an image's sharpness might look one way in CameraBag and another way when you save it out. The best thing to do is to view images at 100% zoom to see the sharpness level. If you use the Zoom feature in CameraBag (scroll up), you can see exactly how much sharpening is happening on your photo while editing. Similarly, if you are opening the image in Preview (or another photo-viewing app), zoom in all the way to see the sharpening that was added to your photo. Hope this helps!
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    Interesting - we're thinking about watched folders for a few different ideas, we'll keep this in mind. Thanks!
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    Thanks It's basically Vintage 06 preset with minor adjustments and grain and blure turned off. There are some local adjustments made both before and after CameraBag in Lightroom and Photoshop. I use Lightroom/Photoshop combo extensively, with loads of postprocessing - this is where 16bit ProPhoto workspace really does the trick.
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    I agree with Greg. It is not possible to use CameraBag with Photos like how it used to work with Aperture anymore (drag and drop). Would be really great to have an extension!