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  1. I find that camerabag crashes if I try to save a large file (typically 8600 x 5733, 30 to 40Mb). You make adjustments and when you come to SAVE, Camerbag just crashes and there is a windows message saying it will look for any soutions to the problem, but the problem itself is not defined. Any ideas how this can be solved?
  2. This of course is using the download link you just supplied me. Any further ideas welcome. Thanks Nick
  3. but if I use smaller files, let's say 13Mb or smaller, it works at the moment. However, i have had all this before - then it suddenly stops working on smaller files, even 1 - 2Mb. Another problem is I cannot get Camerabag to include in the 'open with' list. You can add to the list, but if you try to use it to open a file, you get an error such as.....all a great pity because it used to wrok flawlessly and now it mor or less unuseable Thanks Nick
  4. If I try to adjust a large file (35Mb) I get the crash message
  5. Doug, I have uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times. I ran camerbag from the x86 folder as you suggested and as soon as I went to save (from a large file) camerabag just crashed. I attach the error message. Also note that I installed camerbag on an entirely separate computer running W7 (as opposed to 8.1 on this one) and the same problems are apparent! Thanks Nick
  6. Doug thanks for your comments. I attach a pic of the directory I am working from, which should tell you if it's all there or not Many thanks Nick
  7. John Here is a typical error msge when I just tried to launch camerabag. Nick
  8. John Many thanks, and I couldn't get some of those effects with camerabag - it's an essential tool. This is a link to download a typical large file. https://nickfranksradionics.livedrive.com/item/4007d3697f5342208207495986f53db7 The missing dlls are typical qtcore4.dll, qt5gui.dll, qt5core.dll, which I can see are in camerabag directory in Programs X86 but for some reasons I keep getting messages saying one or the other cound't be found Very strange Thanks Nick
  9. Things are getting worse. Camerabag either crashes immediately I try save, or even will not run because some dll file missing. Can you help?
  10. THANKS FOR YOUR REPLY - it went in the junk file so it's lucky I spotted it! 1) PC - 16Gb RAM, I7 clocked around 3.4Ghz etc etc 2) Do you want me to try send you a complete 30Mb file? This might be too big for hotmail but I can arrange download from a cloud. 3) As an experiment I loaded Camerabag on another I7 computer, also 16Gb, but running Windows 7 (the other is 8.1) and basically the same problems. 4) I also find the problem more erratic, as I have tried larger and smaller files both pixel and Mb wise and the crashing is a bit indeterminate. Sometimes it does it, sometimes it doesn't, on medium to small files. 5) The problem seems to be related to dll files. IN GENERAL and looking on the good side if you want to see kind of extreme effects I have created with Camerabag post-producing off Paint Shop Pro, see or Thanks Nick