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    Edited Photo Looks Different Upon Save

    When I edit a photo, it looks great within the latest version of CameraBag 3.0; however, when I save that image, it looks totally different and distorted - please see attached. What would cause this and why? Please help. I recently upgraded to the most recent version of CameraBag and as a travel blogger, I depend on this for all of my editing; however, this is an ongoing issue I'm having. Thank you.
  2. typeAtrips

    Will Not Load Next with Arrows

    I've just downloaded the latest version 3.0, I have used 2.0 for the last year, and the new version will not allow me to load the next photo using the arrow keys. If I go to File and click on Load Next, that works, but that's frustrating.
  3. Recently, when I've been saving photos after editing, I will look back on the saved photo and find that it has been cropped automatically even though I have not used a crop at all. When I see the photo in the Camerabag editor it looks fine, but then the saved image is cropped. Please see example below. Again - the crop filter was turned off on my toolbar when saving this photo... This issue is causing me to have to re-edit hours of work nearly every time I use it. This is a very new issue as I've been using Camerabag for nearly 2 years and I am currently using version 2.8. Thank you for your help.
  4. typeAtrips

    Photos being Cropped automatically when Saved

    I've done some testing and I've found that if there is a filter in the toolbar, even when it is "off" or greyed out, it is still being added to the saved image. The only way that I've been able to remove that filter is by completely deleting the filter before saving.