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    LUTs and Lab

    hey just to second Everet on all accounts - and want to reiterate his request on the background of CB 3/Photo :-) - first off, its an awesome, because decent but very meaningful upgrade (especially with view to color wheels + differentiated shadow/highlight controls ... and I still have to check the new masking ability) - given the direction of the newest improvements in CB3, but also personal "need", and the fact of ever-growing availability of LUT charts/tools/functions in photo-editing tools, I do also second strongly the wish for being able to use LUTs in CB-Photo too. (in some cases, it is now the only reason, I do not do my whole finishing in CB, but turn back to PS or Affinity...) best + keep up that good development! oliver
  2. lerone

    Batch Process Folder + Maximum Size

    hello, was this fixed/adressed? I am still experiencing this (CB 2.8.01 // OSX 10.11.4) thanks for an update! oliver
  3. hello, I am a heavy user of CameraBag 2 on ios. it proved untreplaceable there, and I am particularly brought back to the filter-sets there, which I modified. now I discovered Camera Bag 2 for desktop might be a helpful addition to my desktop workflow, and I would also like to take the chance to unify the looks of my photos taken (processed) on ios and osx. now the question: can I export/transfer the Camera Bag 2 styles from my iphone to the desktop version? I guess this includes 2 questions: - are filters between CB2 on ios + desktop interoperable (or is it only Fotograf now)? - if so, is there an option to take not only the stream osx to ios export, but also ios to osx? thanks for any hints + help! oliver