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    Selecting a Quicklook preset selects wrong preset

    Sure I'll send them. I did try removing all of my custom presets, and trashing the prefs, but it still happens. Very peculiar..
  2. Hi , When I go to Presets, and then the Quicklook view, I have run into an issue. When I select one of the Quicklook presets, it selects a different preset. For example, if I select "Instant 2", it instead loads the "Autochrome" preset. The presets load properly if I select them from the column on the right side. It's only when I select from the Quicklook page that I have the problem. Tim - using CameraBag Cinema 3.0
  3. sirtimp

    Just found this!

    Thanks! I will keep posted.....
  4. sirtimp

    Tilt-shift and boken

    I love all the color effects (in the photo app) - would be great to add a tilt-shift blur and perhaps some bokeh style effects
  5. sirtimp

    Just found this!

    Just found this! Love CameraBag for photos.. bring back the discount for Memorial Day weekend!!!