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    Announcing CameraBag Photo (v3)!

    I already loved camera bag 2, just bought this like 2 days ago and its amazing!
  2. akiro021

    Cropping bug

    Ive tried recreating the bug, It seems to happen only when i have to rotate an image 90degrees with the L and R key. I took a full body portrait. it wasnt the right way so i hit L the picture rotated, then i tried to crop with the square default and the error happened.
  3. akiro021

    Cropping bug

    It happens infrequently, but when i go to use the default crops such as, Square, 3:2, 5:7, etc----I end up with a crop that no way matches the ratio i've selected. My files are usually RAW files (.CR2) I will usually edit, then crop last. i will straighten the image, pick my ratio. then bam. I end up with the wrong crop. I'll hit square and end up with a tall rectangle. fixing this would awesome. Im on 64 bit windows, running camerabag off Steam my camera is a EOS rebel T3 1100D