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    Processing never completes

    I'll send a trimmed down version via HighTail. The original file is 550MB. Trimmed is apx 127MB Thanks
  2. Strahanad

    Processing never completes

    Pursuant to your guide lines, this issue has occurred each time. I have a 47 second 4K clip that I imported into CBC for the purposes of testing the program through color correction. I applied the Color Essentials 10 filter to the clip, previewed the adjustment, then attempted to save it. The first time I selected H.264 compression. In all cases the clips were on the desktop and saving back to the desktop. No external devices were used. I allowed the clip to "process" for over 2 hours. It NEVER saved. I thought the H.264 codec might be the issue, so the second and third time I left it in a mov format with ProRez 422 (Native Size). Again, the processing exceeded 2+ hours and never completed. Finally I tested this with a 20 second clip to which I applied Log 7 grading. Same results. Processing was indicated on screen, but the clip never completed. I'm running a MacBook Pro with 10.11.15 (El Capitan); 16GB ram. If I'm unable to save the adjusted footage, the program has zero value to me. Any help/suggestions are appreciated