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  1. Processing never completes

    I'll send a trimmed down version via HighTail. The original file is 550MB. Trimmed is apx 127MB Thanks
  2. Processing never completes

    Pursuant to your guide lines, this issue has occurred each time. I have a 47 second 4K clip that I imported into CBC for the purposes of testing the program through color correction. I applied the Color Essentials 10 filter to the clip, previewed the adjustment, then attempted to save it. The first time I selected H.264 compression. In all cases the clips were on the desktop and saving back to the desktop. No external devices were used. I allowed the clip to "process" for over 2 hours. It NEVER saved. I thought the H.264 codec might be the issue, so the second and third time I left it in a mov format with ProRez 422 (Native Size). Again, the processing exceeded 2+ hours and never completed. Finally I tested this with a 20 second clip to which I applied Log 7 grading. Same results. Processing was indicated on screen, but the clip never completed. I'm running a MacBook Pro with 10.11.15 (El Capitan); 16GB ram. If I'm unable to save the adjusted footage, the program has zero value to me. Any help/suggestions are appreciated