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    quitting unexpectedly

    Hi there, Unfortunately it is not a repeatable pattern (there doesn't seem to be any correlation between time (how long the program has been running, how long the image has been selected), it also doesn't occur with any particular filter selection, editing tool, etc). It happens during the editing process, before I even get to the saving process. Thanks for checking in, I'll look for updates. Kathryn
  2. kathryn

    quitting unexpectedly

    Hi there, not sure what you mean by anything repeatable. It will happen at random times during the editing process. I am using a Mac, OS X Yosemite, 10.10.5, and I purchased it from your website. Thanks.
  3. kathryn

    quitting unexpectedly

    Hi there, Camera Bag (2.8.01) has been quitting unexpectedly on me. I haven't experienced it during the saving process, it always occurs during the editing phase and then all work is clearly lost and unrecoverable. Are there any fixes? Thanks!