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    Bad SCALING on 15 inch 4k display

    Hi! Unfortunately, for the Steam version, the problem's still there. I've double/triple/quadruple checked on the updates. Even uninstalled/reinstalled the app through Steam. But nothing. It seems there's no such fix update... Could it be a Steam only related issue at this point? Thank you
  2. Hi, Just wanted to adress an annoying issue I'm having. I've installed CameraBag 2 through steam on my new laptop, which is a Dell XPS 15 with a 4k 15 inches display. It's running Windows 10, and it's been having some serious issues with scaling. The interface is too tiny to be even remotely comfortable to work on it. Somebody does have a solution to this? Is Nevercenter aware of the problem? I've been using Camerabag for various years and never had a single issue! Please solve this. P.S. Other programs had bad scaling (like autocad or photoshop) due to bad complatibility issue which was faut of the programmers; anyway it was solved by creaing a .manifest file along the main .exe and everything was fine. This solution tho is not working with CameraBag! Thanks Appreciate any help
  3. FadeToGray

    Bad SCALING on 15 inch 4k display

    Any official patch/update to solve the problem guys? It's been almost an year! Even Autodesk managed to fix the issue recently! Thanks!
  4. FadeToGray

    Bad SCALING on 15 inch 4k display

    Hi! Thank you for your answer! Yes, I've tried the fix. Used it with both adobe products and AutoCAD, and in those cases, it worked ok. Somehow I can't find I way to make it work with CameraBag unfortunatley. Maybe because is it launching through Steam? Anyway thanks a lot for the support! Best