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  1. Doug, just had a look at the CBF file and that is exactly the one I was looking for. You've made a very happy man who now has to spend a lot less time in Photoshop! Cheers, Tim
  2. I opened my CameraBag yesterday and I all of a sudden found a stripped version, without the lens leak and lolo options. I basically only have the Adjustments and Presets tabs on the side. Can anyone tell me how I can get all the other features back again? Cheers, Tim
  3. Hi Doug, thanks for the CBF file – much appreciated. Cheers, Tim
  4. Hi Jamchild, thanks for pointing this out to me – much appreciated! I remember that the Light Leak was a lot stronger than in the presets I've downloaded just now. Can you recall if there ever was a stronger Light Leak filter and with more adjustments possibilities? Cheers, Tim