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  1. Augustin

    CPU use

    Its called Hyperthreading, a feature that Intel is using it from more than 10 years in all their CPU's. A 4 cores unit CPU is being seen as 8 with this feature. They said its improving the speed by little. I told you this for information, problem is that when I render in Camera Bag the 4 cores are on 50 per cent only. I did install the Camera bag Cinema 1.0.600 I'll see how this works. Thanks. Another question : The Apple Pro Ress 422 HQ in my Final Cut ProX is giving much larger files than Camera Bag for the same codec render - Pro Ress. What kind of Apple Pro Res is Camera Bag giving , because there are 3 of them - PRO RESS 422 HQ, PRO RES 422 and PRO RESS LT.
  2. Augustin

    CPU use

    In the Apple Pro Ress 422 HQ files rendered on a IMac I7 with 16 GB RAM and 4GB VRAM Cam. Bag Cinema is using only 50% of CPU. Sometimes only 4 cores instead of 8 ( I have 4 physical and 4 virtual ). Final Cut itself uses for the same type of file ALL 8 cores at 100%. Because of this the rendering time is huge..24-30 ours for 2 ours of movie etc. Please how can I increase the use of CPU? Thank you! INDOOR-Apple ProRes 422 HQ_batch.mov