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    can't import any photo

    [UPDATE] I reinstalled Windows 10, did a clean install now and i can confirmed that everything is working fine now!
  2. uncolourtv

    can't import any photo

    It's probably something on my windows then, but i did some messing around and happens that i figured out how to open files again. Here's what i did if someone run into this too. 1 - Go to program folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\CameraBag 2); 2 - Right click on "CameraBag2.exe" and then choose "Troubleshooting Compatibility"; 3 - On the next window, choose "Troubleshoot Program" option. 4 - Check "The program worked in earlier versions of Windows..." and "The Program works but doesn't display correctly", and then Next; 5 - Choose "Windows 8" and then Next. 6 - Choose "Error message saying the program needs to run in 256 colors or 8-bit color mode", then next; 7 - Click on "Test Settings" and see if the program works... Worked for me! 8 - If it worked (i hope), go back to the troubleshoot windows and click Next, then choose "Yes, save these setting for this program". The window to open files change then, but it finally works!
  3. uncolourtv

    can't import any photo

    I'm having the same problem, i can't open any type of files, jpg, png, nothing opens! I using Windows 10 x64bits, i have the steam version too. Too bad, used to work just fine on Windows 8.1 x64. Here a screenshot.