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    Crashes on save and wont open large JPEGs

    Yes file was sent. Will send it again to forum-files@nevercenter.com
  2. Lorryquai

    Crashes on save and wont open large JPEGs

    Sorry for late reply. I will send a file or a sprend.com link with the file, due to its size 19,3mb. //LG
  3. Repeatable bugs: Yes What the bug is: Crashes when trying to save.Sometimes wont open jpegs - think its raw file. Steps to repeat the bug: Edit picture. File. Save As.. Width: 7360 Height: 4912 Filetype Jpeg (doesnt matter what really, same with png,tiff) Image Quality 100 - Pressing Save - Windows window appears - renaming file (_FLG2652-586 som smart objekt-1c) so it wont save over original - pressing save - Application crashes. No error, just gone. And sometimes I cant load pictures as well. Camerabag think´s my jpegs are raw-files, but they arent. System/app version/file details: Windows 10 Pro x64 14gb ram - CB2 2.8.01NC Tried reinstall. Tried changing location of file (root, c, d,) Tried running program as admin, Tried compatibility mode for xp,win7,win8. Doesnt fix it. Other info: Solution (sometimes working) is to resize the files so they are under 5000px. Seems that CB2 doesnt like the large files my D800 is producing.