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    Crashes on save and wont open large JPEGs

    Yes file was sent. Will send it again to forum-files@nevercenter.com
  2. Repeatable bugs: Yes What the bug is: Crashes when trying to save.Sometimes wont open jpegs - think its raw file. Steps to repeat the bug: Edit picture. File. Save As.. Width: 7360 Height: 4912 Filetype Jpeg (doesnt matter what really, same with png,tiff) Image Quality 100 - Pressing Save - Windows window appears - renaming file (_FLG2652-586 som smart objekt-1c) so it wont save over original - pressing save - Application crashes. No error, just gone. And sometimes I cant load pictures as well. Camerabag think´s my jpegs are raw-files, but they arent. System/app version/file details: Windows 10 Pro x64 14gb ram - CB2 2.8.01NC Tried reinstall. Tried changing location of file (root, c, d,) Tried running program as admin, Tried compatibility mode for xp,win7,win8. Doesnt fix it. Other info: Solution (sometimes working) is to resize the files so they are under 5000px. Seems that CB2 doesnt like the large files my D800 is producing.
  3. Lorryquai

    Crashes on save and wont open large JPEGs

    Sorry for late reply. I will send a file or a sprend.com link with the file, due to its size 19,3mb. //LG