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    Crash on save file

    Repeatable bugs: yes What the bug is: crashes on "save as" ("Camera Bag 2.exe has stopped working") Steps to repeat the bug: Open a large file (in my case, a .jpg file). Try to save it under a new name ("save as"). Crash. System/app version/file details: Windows 10 x64, Camera Bag 2.8.01 EP (from Steam). Other info: Seems to be related to file size (5472x3648 in my case). Does not seem to be related to: File location - I have tried opening files from multiple locations, and saving them to multiple locations - same result Processing performed on the file - the bug is repeatable even if I do not process the file at all. Just open, save as, and it crashes A particular file - so far, this has happened on every single file I tried to open. Needless to say, this makes the program completely unusable for me... I'm attaching one of my files, in case you need it to reproduce the bug. [ Edit - my apologies, I seem to have posted in the wrong place. This should be under Camera Bag for Windows. Can someone help me and move it, or should I just post again under the correct topic? ]