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  1. Huh. That is interesting. Thanks for the research!
  2. Hi David! Thanks for the feedback! This is actually something we are looking into and would love to fix. We have a thread going on about it in the Bugs section at: http://nevercenter.com/camerabag/forum/index.php?/topic/125-bad-scaling-on-15-inch-4k-display
  3. Visible Metadata

    Thanks for the feedback! That is a great idea--we will add it to our list of things to consider for updates.
  4. Thanks for the feedback! With the release of CameraBag Photo v3, CameraBag 2 was removed from sale and we are not planning on doing any more updates to it. We will still keep the resources/downloads available for all CameraBag 2.x license holders (http://nevercenter.com/camerabag/photo/v_2), but unfortunately we will probably not be able to add in the pin button to v2.
  5. Images from Lightroom 6 cc

    Hi Richard--thanks for the heads up on this one! We were just able to repeat this in our tests; it looks like if CameraBag is NOT already running then the behavior is just as you describe, but it if IS running then it will open the image properly. (So, as a temporary workaround, you can try opening CameraBag first, and after that you should be able to do edit from within Lightroom as expected.) We'll look into a fix!
  6. Announcing CameraBag Photo (v3)!

    Hi PipHo! No, CameraBag Cinema will continue to keep all of the still-editing abilities--it has (and will continue to have) all of CameraBag Photo's editing tools, as well as the special Cinema-based tools.
  7. Bad SCALING on 15 inch 4k display

    Thanks Surjpanj! Everyone: We're still working on reproducing this issue so we can fix it. Any feedback/workarounds are still helpful to hear about so we can get enough data to figure out what's going on. Thank you!
  8. Photos Extension in CameraBag 3?

    Sorry about the confusion with this! We removed Photos extension support with v3.0 because of changing requirements. Among other things, Extension support now requires that we build a whole new interface, and Apple will not let us give users access to the Presets folder (due to Sandboxing requirements), so CameraBag as an Extension is severely hobbled. Combined with the Mac-App-Store-only availability of the Extension (again, due to Sandboxing requirements), we ultimately made the decision to remove this feature until we can provide a quality, consistent user experience. Hope this helps, and sorry again for the disappointment!
  9. Bad SCALING on 15 inch 4k display

    Hi Abidal, Matt, and others: We're still working on getting this natively supported (it's become surprisingly difficult to simulate a high-DPI environment for testing in Windows). Can you help us by trying this? Right click on CameraBag, go to Properties > Compatibility Is "Disable display scaling on high-dpi settings" turned ON or OFF? If you change it from the current setting you have to the other, does this resolve the issue? Thanks!
  10. Bug reported through support emails, confirmed. Repeatable bugs: Is repeatable What the bug is: When running Fotograf as an external photo editor under Apple's Photos app on iOS 10, it won't allow changes to be saved. Error message given is "Unable to save changes. An error has occurred while saving. Please try again later." Steps to repeat the bug: Open an image in Photos, use Fotograf as an external image editor and make adjustments, then try to save. System/app version/file details: iOS 10, latest Fotograf update, jpg/png Other info: bug introduced with Apple's update to iOS 10
  11. Bad SCALING on 15 inch 4k display

    dev note: confirmed in v3.0.0 CameraBag Photo support ticket. Also see http://nevercenter.com/camerabag/forum/index.php?/topic/56-camerabag-on-surfacepro/
  12. V3 Presets missing

    Oh, man. Sorry about that--that's a strange error to not have any presets on install. Are you on a Mac or a PC? Did you upgrade from our site or from the Mac App Store? We had some other issues with download reported earlier, but everything we know of is now resolved. You can get the installers and default presets for v3.0 at http://nevercenter.com/camerabag/photo/download, and the installers and default presets for all versions 2.x at http://nevercenter.com/camerabag/photo/v_2 Let us know if those links still don't work for you!
  13. Can't load images

    Sorry about the trouble! Can you use Quicktime to do a quick screen recording, showing browsing to a file to open, and then trying to open it in CameraBag, and the result, so we can see what happens in the process? Also, is this happening on all images you are trying to open, or just on some images? Can you send us an image that doesn't open in CameraBag so we can try to reproduce it? (attach here or send to support@nevercenter.com with a note that it's in reference to this forum post) Did anything specific happen (upgrade/etc) around the time that CameraBag stopped working for you?
  14. Hi Giani! It looks like we took that video off because it mentions the CameraBag Cinema beta and didn't want to confuse anyone now that CameraBag Cinema is actually released. There's no real need to make the video totally private, so I've gone ahead and set it to "unlisted"--it won't show up in YouTube search results, but if you click on the link above (or see below) you will now be able to view it: Thanks for joining us on the forums!
  15. There is no preset installed

    Glad you got it working! Thanks for the update.
  16. Batch Process Folder + Maximum Size

    I just tested on our current dev build and this issue is resolved and the fix will be included in the next update.
  17. Hi all! Wanted to share just a quick peek from the dev room to keep you all in the loop. We'll try to keep posting here frequently with micro updates with what we're working on. We've been hard at work on CameraBag for a good while, getting our hands in everything including some interesting new features. We're also always working on bug fixes (of course--thanks everyone for the reports here) and currently on some interface responsiveness/feedback. And speaking of feedback, we're interested in starting a list of some beta testers to try out these new features. Any takers?
  18. EXIF stripped from exported files

    Fantastic! Glad to hear it's now working for you. Thanks for the update!
  19. Saving Video Files that won't on any other software

    Hi Mike, Sorry about the delay--we had an unexpectedly busy week. What we really need is the file before it went in to CameraBag Cinema so we can try to recreate the error. (We don't necessarily need that huge file if the same same error on a smaller file--that would be perfect, too.) Can you send us any original file that won't open after being exported through CameraBag? Also: Is this happening on all files you export through CameraBag Cinema, or just the one super large one? Love to find a fix on this, and hope to have some answers for you soon!
  20. Saving Video Files that won't on any other software

    Absolutely--we'd love to get to the bottom of this; it sounds like a perfect use for CameraBag and this is strange behavior. You can send the file to support@nevercenter.com and we'll take a look. I wonder if something corrupted it on saving out, like an interruption/glitch while it was exporting. Can you also send us an original file and what export settings you are using to save the graded version out of CameraBag? That way we can run tests on the same process and see if we can figure out what's going on.
  21. Bad SCALING on 15 inch 4k display

    Hi! Thanks for writing in. We had just one report of this happening on a surface pro; good to clarify it's happening on the ultrasharp/hi-res PC screens in general. Good +1 for encouraging dev work. Your explanation/screenshot are perfect for us to understand. Just to quickly confirm we're on the same page, is this the manifest trick change you tried (and that didn't work)? http://www.danantonielli.com/adobe-app-scaling-on-high-dpi-displays-fix/ We'll look into this and try to get it fixed in an update soon. -Presque
  22. Hey all! Just wanted to let you know that we've recently added four new videos to the CameraBag Cinema playlist: "Color Matching", "Designing a day-to-night filter", "Batch converting and color grading", "Using the same filtering on photos and videos". You can get the entire playlist at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBJ9U0NYh_HiscXzjnBDsgoaBO3fejHVg

    Thanks for the feedback! Selection-based editing is definitely something we are interested in (and a frequent request).
  24. CameraBag 2.8.01 Crashes on Save

    Hi Ray! Are you having this issue like the initial poster where it is specifically to places you don't have permission to save into (e.g. hard drive root)? That's the only place we've found this as a repeatable bug.