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    Saving Video Files that won't on any other software

    Absolutely--we'd love to get to the bottom of this; it sounds like a perfect use for CameraBag and this is strange behavior. You can send the file to support@nevercenter.com and we'll take a look. I wonder if something corrupted it on saving out, like an interruption/glitch while it was exporting. Can you also send us an original file and what export settings you are using to save the graded version out of CameraBag? That way we can run tests on the same process and see if we can figure out what's going on.
  2. Presque

    Bad SCALING on 15 inch 4k display

    Hi! Thanks for writing in. We had just one report of this happening on a surface pro; good to clarify it's happening on the ultrasharp/hi-res PC screens in general. Good +1 for encouraging dev work. Your explanation/screenshot are perfect for us to understand. Just to quickly confirm we're on the same page, is this the manifest trick change you tried (and that didn't work)? http://www.danantonielli.com/adobe-app-scaling-on-high-dpi-displays-fix/ We'll look into this and try to get it fixed in an update soon. -Presque
  3. Presque


    Thanks for the feedback! Selection-based editing is definitely something we are interested in (and a frequent request).
  4. Presque

    CameraBag 2.8.01 Crashes on Save

    Hi Ray! Are you having this issue like the initial poster where it is specifically to places you don't have permission to save into (e.g. hard drive root)? That's the only place we've found this as a repeatable bug.
  5. Presque

    Sharpening Not Exporting (Mac) (V3)

    Hm. It looks like these two images are different sizes--maybe they were zoomed to fit, rather than zoomed to 100%? (You can see that the last two images you attached are different pixel sizes.)
  6. Presque

    Camera Bag Filters

    Absolutely! We’ve made all of the Presets/Styles/Borders available for download at: http://nevercenter.com/camerabag/photo/download/#otherdls There's a YouTube how-to link right below for adding them in to your current CameraBag installation, if you have any trouble.
  7. Presque

    Sharpening Not Exporting (Mac) (V3)

    The sharpening should definitely be true to what's shown if you are at 100% zoom; if you are zoomed out then your computer might be approximating the sharpening effect. If you take a screenshot and 100% zoom (with the desired sharpen level) and compare the exported image file AT THE ORIGINAL IMAGE SIZE they should be the same--if not, can you send us those files (screenshot, image) and some details (computer info/effect tray settings/etc) to see if we can figure out what's making it not seem the same on your screen? Also, are you on CameraBag Cinema or CameraBag for photos?
  8. Presque

    Just found this!

    Welcome! Thanks for the kinds words and we're glad you came to join the Cinema party. We had a conflict that didn't let us bring back the discount for Memorial Day weekend, but keep posted for more sales coming up.
  9. Presque

    Tilt-shift and boken

    Interesting idea--thanks for the suggestion! We'll add it into our list of things to look at.
  10. You can construct new styles from scratch using CameraBag for your Mac/PC, and import them into CameraBag for iOS. Unfortunately, it doesn't work the other way, because of limitations with Apple's iTunes File Sharing. In case this is helpful: To copy Mac/PC to iOS, copy one or more filters created in CameraBag for Mac/PC (they will be .cbf files) into CameraBag Mobile using Apple's iTunes File Sharing instructions, available here: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4094 (You may need to close and reopen the preview chooser to see your newly imported styles.) So, you can go Mac/PC -> iOS, but not iOS -> Mac/PC. And while we are mostly focusing on Fotograf as our mobile photo editing app, CameraBag for iPhone/iPad also supports the CBF file format. Hope this helps!
  11. Hi Nicko! Sorry this has continued to be an issue; can you try a fresh installation from http://nevercenter.com/camerabag/photo/download and let us know if this solves the issue, or if you get any different error messages? We've updated the installer and are hoping that will fix it. Thanks!
  12. Hi Shane! Yes, CameraBag Cinema has all of CameraBag 2's photo editing abilities, so if you have CameraBag Cinema you do not also need CameraBag 2. Thanks for your interest!
  13. Hi Chrissy! The Quicklooks should work exactly as you describe--you see the look, then click on it to get that result. Are you in the Presets tab of CameraBag on your desktop computer? This tab is the place to go for one-stop looks for your photos. So here's what you can do to get that same iPad-ease: Run CameraBag on your desktop computer, open a photo in it, and click on the Presets tab.Click on the Quicklook button at the top of the list in the Presets tab.In the full-screen page of Quicklook previews that appears, click on the preview that you like to apply that look to your photo.You can then use File > Save As to save out a copy of your photo with the new look. Hope this helps!
  14. Thanks! We just posted the latest beta (beta H) at http://nevercenter.com/camerabag/forum/index.php?/topic/93-camerabag-cinema-beta-h/ . Let us know how it works (fingers crossed).
  15. Presque

    Russian localization

    Thanks for the suggestion and offer to help! We don't have the resources to put into that at the moment, but we appreciate your offer and will let you know if we do!
  16. Presque

    can't import any photo

    One more follow-up: are you using CameraBag downloaded from our site or CameraBag from the Steam store?
  17. Presque

    Grid lines

    This is a great idea--thanks for the feedback! We will take a look at what this might look like to implement.
  18. Hm, yeah, we need to investigate why it's not showing up by default on the "Open With..." dialogue for RAW files--we're looking into that.
  19. Interesting. For this one, it looks like it doesn't show up automatically as an option; we will look into that. It should still be set-up-able, though: On my Mac, I can go to "Get Info" (cmd-i) for a raw file of the type you want (for example, a .cr2 file), then in the "Open With" part, go to "Other...". An application-chosing dialogue will pop up, where you can select CameraBag 2. (If it is initially greyed out, select Enable > All Applications...) Once CameraBag is selected as the Open With application for that raw file, click the "Change All" button to make this the default for ALL raw files of that filetype. (You will need to do this for each raw filetype, obviously. So if you did it for .cr2 for example, then it would work for all .cr2 files.) Hope this helps!
  20. Presque

    program quits when I save as

    Hi Jack! Thanks for the report--can you tell us a bit about your system/setup so we can try to recreate the issue? (We're not seeing it happen on our test machines, so we need to figure out what kind of machine/setup is needed to recreate the bug.) What version of Mac OS are you running?What type of image are you using? (JPG, PNG, etc)Where are the images located on your computer? (Or are they on an external HD?)Does this do it EVERY TIME with EVERY IMAGE or just sometimes, or with some images? As a specific example, if you open a smallish JPG, just use the Adjustments > Saturation tile and slide the amount to 0 so the image becomes greyscale, and then do File > Save As..., what happens?The sooner we can get the details to recreate what's happening, the sooner we can work on a fix. Thanks again for reporting the issue!
  21. Presque

    auto exposure tile/button

    Interesting idea, thanks! We will look into it.
  22. Presque

    Sharpening Tool not Saving on Mac

    The difference between the sharpen you see in CameraBag and the sharpen you see in your saved-out image is actually due to your computer's display and how it handles zoomed-in and zoomed-out images. When your computer makes an image smaller on screen than it actually is in pixel size, it has to decide how it shows the whole picture using fewer pixels. It compresses the image to display it, and displays often use a smoothing algorithm so everything looks nice; in this case, it sounds like the smoothing algorithm when the image is displayed is canceling out CameraBag's sharpening, and so the image *appears* to have less sharpen when it's viewed at smaller than 100%. This could vary app-to-app, which is why an image's sharpness might look one way in CameraBag and another way when you save it out. The best thing to do is to view images at 100% zoom to see the sharpness level. If you use the Zoom feature in CameraBag (scroll up), you can see exactly how much sharpening is happening on your photo while editing. Similarly, if you are opening the image in Preview (or another photo-viewing app), zoom in all the way to see the sharpening that was added to your photo. Hope this helps!
  23. Presque

    More Borders

    Thanks for this feedback! We have tried more borders and fewer borders in various iterations and apps in the past, but most of the feedback we've gotten is that they are going out of fashion with much of professional photo editing, and users prefer for us to work on the other tools. We do recognize that Borders are fun, though, which is why we've left in the Border tool, and we love it when users make their own borders (any PNG file with transparency can be used for this), and then save them as Presets to use again and again. Hope this helps!
  24. Presque

    OSX Media Browser to Load from Photos

    Thanks for the feedback! We would LOVE to have more fully-featured access through Extensions or drag-and-drop ability between Photos and CameraBag (like with Aperture/iPhoto and CameraBag previously); unfortunately, this is related to the new restrictions Apple puts on apps and how they can interact with each other. Our hands are tied until they make some changes on their end. We'd love for CameraBag users to write Apple and ask them to allow Photos to interact with external photo apps like could be done in iPhoto--rather than insisting apps only interact with Photos through their new Extensions setup. This would allow US to make CameraBag play well with Photos (drag and drop) just like it used to play with iPhoto, which we would happily do if they allowed it. As people have mentioned, it's not hard to do programmatically; it's just Apple's rules preventing us from doing it. If you'd be up for giving Apple feedback on this, you can do it via http://www.apple.com/feedback/macosx.html
  25. Presque

    CameraBag 2.8 is Released!

    Hey Alex! Thanks for your thoughts and input. Yes, currently the photos extension is only on the MAS version of CameraBag. Unfortunately, it will stay that way unless/until Apple decides to change the sandboxing rules for extensions, or we sandbox the version sold on our site. Currently, the version on the MAS is sandboxed, because Apple now requires that all MAS apps be sandboxed. The version on our site is not, because when it was initially released Apple's sandboxing wasn't even a thing and so we stuck with the same file setup there as we always had. To explain a bit: The pros to sandboxing are: the app can be sold through the MAS, and Extensions are something we can offer. The pros to NOT sandboxing are: we can offer more other features--sandboxing limits what the app can access on the computer, disallowing features such as using arrow keys to browse through the other images in the same folder as your current open image, etc. Also, if we start sandboxing the version sold from our site at this point, customized Presets would be lost for many people and need to be manually restored. This is because Sandboxing ALSO requires that we store the filters is a much deeper/harder to access place on the computer, so when the sandboxed version of the app went to look for the custom-added filters, it would be looking in the wrong place. (These Presets could be moved to the new folder by the user, but the change would affect ALL CameraBag Mac users who had purchased from our site previously, and probably cause some alarm/concern in the process.) Not sure what the future brings for that decision, but at least now you can see some of the thought processes. Perhaps we will hit on a happy solution to solve this and get the best of both worlds.