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  1. We've already sent out emails about it, but I wanted to update here, too: I'm happy to report that this bug has been fixed (as of a while ago--sorry we didn't get the update in here sooner)! Download the latest version via http://nevercenter.com/camerabag/photo (or Mac App Store/Steam Store if you picked it up there) and the interface should be displayed properly.

    Thanks for the reports of this so we knew about it!

  2. We've had a few individuals write in about this--and we'd love to hear what other underwater photographers/videographers do. As you noted, we don't currently have a white balance tool in CameraBag, but we do have a set of color correction tools under Adjustments > Advanced Color. I dive and take some underwater photos, and I can often get the colors I want using those adjustments; of course, without additional lighting/filters there will always be some lost color as you go deep, but for the color data that is there the Advanced Color tools do a pretty good job of correcting that/pulling it out.

    Anyone else have thoughts on this?

  3. Hi Pip!

    Thanks for writing in and sorry about the frustration. We definitely do need to continue to expand usage and, as you guessed, are looking for the best ways to do that; sales are one of the ways that we an attract new customers and get the word out so that we can continue to fund development. We certainly don't intend to hurt or anger any of our supporters and we're sorry you felt that way! We'd love to hear suggestions you may have on how we can better get the word out about CameraBag--what are your thoughts?

  4. Hi everyone!

    We made something new. It's actually a tool we've been using internally for a while, but we thought it's something that could be useful to lots of people, so we're hoping to bring it to a finalized state in a couple of months. 

    BUT, in order to do that, we need some help. So we set up a Kickstarter (first time trying that) and we're trying to get the word out to see if there is enough interest for us to make it happen.

    We'd love it if you'd check it out: http://kck.st/2nEY7wQ

    (Plus bonus: see the ever-elusive Tom actually on-camera.) ;)

    If you have thoughts on ways to get the word out, thoughts on Pixelmash itself, or other comments, we'd love to hear them! If you want Pixelmash to become a reality and want to back it on Kickstarter, thanks! If you know people in game design or pixel art or who you just generally think would be interested, we'd appreciate any connections you can make.

    And no, this is in no way replacing or diminishing CameraBag work and progress. Just something additional we'd love to be able to add to the mix. :)

    Love to hear your thoughts!

  5. Hi Ray,

    Thanks for your continued support of CameraBag! It sounds like the login confusion is because the forum is on a different system from purchases--now that you have a login here you will continue to be able to have access to the forums. (Forum membership is separate from having a license because you can be a forum member without actually owning a CameraBag license.)

    BUT, to your note about a discount--Doug's right in that the initial upgrade offer is over, but I happen to know that the discount code from our recent PHOTO30 sale (30% off CameraBag Photo) is still active even though it's not listed, so you are welcome to use that to bring your price down to $20. ;) Just go to purchase, and then enter in PHOTO30 in the promo code field and click "Apply".

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  6. Hi Jack! Thanks for writing in.

    CameraBag preserves the pixel size of the images you bring in. For the best quality for your filetype, make sure your images are saved at the 100% Quality setting (in the Save dialog).

    If you are working with physical print sizes you will need to adjust the DPI outside of CameraBag.  Because of the library we are using for EXIF support, CameraBag currently automatically sets the DPI tag to 72 on saving out. (The DPI tag doesn't actually to anything to the image file itself; it just gives directions for how it will be printed out.) Setting it to the default 72 doesn't do anything to degrade the quality of the image, and if you change the setting back to 300 in the program you print from, it will be the same as if it was exported at 300 from CameraBag.


    A bit more about DPI/PPI, if you are interested:

    DPI (or PPI, which is what is usually meant) on a photo is not necessarily a measurement of the digital photo file's "resolution" or "quality" in the way we often think of those terms. What determines the quality is the pixel count of the image file and the display/print size of the image.

    In fact, using DPI/PPI to resize images for display will often give poor quality images. The best way to have a high-resolution image is to have enough pixels for the desired image size. (And a printer/display to handle it.) In this way, PPI is a sort of desired conversion/ratio; you can aim for 300ppi on a certain image by choosing the size you want and then making sure you have a pixel count that will give you that ratio. The formula for calculating this is:

    Pixels/inches = ppi (pixels per inch) OR pixels = ppi*inches

    So, for a 5"x7" photo that you want printed/displayed at 300ppi, you would need pixel dimensions of

    width: 300*7 = 2100px
    height: 300*5 = 1500px

    If you are interested, you can read more about PPI/DPI here:



    (In your case, if you want a 60-inch wide image printed at 300 dpi, then you will need a base image file that is at least 300*60 = 18k pixels wide)


    Hope this helps!

  7. Hi Vepsik! Sorry about this--we're not sure why your other computer doesn't have the 150 filters auto-installed. Which filters are missing from the second installation?

    You can get the entire CameraBag Photo v3.0 default filter set here: CameraBag Photo v3.0 Default Presets

    And if you are looking for the filters from v2.x, you can download them from the v2.x resource page here: http://nevercenter.com/camerabag/photo/v_2/

    This video on YouTube explains how to add in downloaded filters: 

    Hope this helps!

  8. Hey all,

    Since we've been filling up this forum with threads from our current video series, I just wanted to make sure that some fantastic user-submitted tutorials don't get forgotten as they get pushed to the second page. For example, Doug Pardee has posted several great tutorials, including:

    White balance without eyedropper: http://nevercenter.com/camerabag/forum/index.php?/topic/158-white-balance-without-eyedropper-camerabag-photo/
    Applying a Cinematic border to your photos: http://nevercenter.com/camerabag/forum/index.php?/topic/149-applying-a-cinematic-border-cb-photo/


    Check those and more out--and we'd love to hear YOUR tips/tricks/resources, as well. Thanks to everyone who has been contributing and visiting the forum!

  9. Thanks for the question, typeAtrips! We made the change to Shift+arrow key for two reasons: 

    1. As Doug guessed, to avoid accidentally switching images (from feedback).
    2. To make it consistent with CameraBag Cinema, which uses the left/right arrows to shuttle through video, and shift-right/left arrows to go from video to video in a folder.

    That said, we've been annoyed by needing to hold down the extra shift key, ourselves, so we may revert this to how it was before. ;) (Anyone else have thoughts/want to weigh in on this decision?)

  10. Hi wolfewithane!

    You can add filters created in CameraBag Photo/Cinema (on Mac/PC) into your Fotograf app by using File Sharing in iTunes: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201301

    (Since Fotograf is a free app, the ability for Fotograf to read these CameraBag filters is included in the Everything IAP, so make sure you've purchased that first.)

    Note that the file sharing only goes one way (Mac/PC to iPhone). This is something we would *love* to change and have work both ways, but unfortunately Apple does not yet allow it. So you can add CameraBag Photo/Cinema filters from your PC into Fotograf, but not custom filters from Fotograf into CameraBag Photo/Cinema.