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    Could not Load a Photo

    I am using the Win 10 OS latest version, not Steam. I solved the problem by giving the photo(s) a new name. I is probably the letter å, ä or ö, causingvthe trouble for me. Anyway, it is solved! And thank you for your great software. I love doing the filtrering thing in Camerabag! Henry
  2. Henry Stahle

    Could not Load a Photo

    I could not Load a Photo, just like some other users reported. I tried a Raw file or a Jpg from the same... until I changed the name. Initially used the letter å (Swedish) in the file name, changed it to the letter a, and, Volila! the Photo (attached) loaded just like it should!
  3. Henry Stahle

    CameraBag on SurfacePro

    I started using CameraBag Photo today on my Win 10 desktop machine, it works just great. Next I installed it on my Microsoft Surface 3. The UI is just hopeless to work with on this. It is too fiddly and very small input Tools, no touch input and menus are tiny... Is there any chanse the interface will be adjustable to work better on a high resolution screen like the Surface?
  4. I love to use CameraBag on my Microsoft Surface Pro. Problem: the interface text gets too tiny to be easy to use. My suggestion is an alternative interface setting for high resolution screens, like my Surface. Please!
  5. Henry Stahle

    Announcing CameraBag Cinema, Now In Free Beta

    Can't wait for the Windows version. Been out all day with my camera and some high-speed videos on the stormy sea... I like to try that in CameraBag Cinema.