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  1. Thanks for the reply! To replicate it just right-click on a JPG file, go to the "open with" menu and select Camera Bag. It probably won't do anything or open a blank window. The prompt only reveal itself when you focus on the Steam window. I haven't got this type of warning on any other Steam app but I can't really think of any other software I use on Steam that I open with the "open with" command. Anyway, since CameraBag2 didn't had this warning I hope it's fixable.
  2. Hi! When I try to open a picture file on CameraBag from Windows with the "open with" menu, Steam gives this prompt screen (attached). Might be a small issue but it's very annoying having to deal with this warning or dragging the files to the app. On CameraBag2 I used to open files this way without this warning so I hope it's an easy fix.
  3. It doesn't sound like a huge request since you already did on v3.
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    +1 for this request. Also, a simple lasso tool to use as mask would do wonders. Everytime I want to use the HUE Saturation for making an entire image greyscale but keep just one element red, I have to hit Photoshop first to desaturate only the areas I don't want affected by CameraBag.