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    Zoom not working on some images v.3

    Sorry - I think I may have misunderstood how zoom works on Camerabag and therefore I think this should be a feature request, but please correct me if I'm wrong. It looks like the maximum zoom of any image is 100% and the 'zoom to fit' option will only reduce rather than expand to fill the window? If this is the case, then could the zoom be made to go higher than 100%? I have a 5k screen running at 2560 x 1440 and some of my older images will appear relatively small at 100% in Camerabag. To be able to accurately adjust them it would be great to be able to zoom closer. Thanks
  2. enkaytee

    Zoom not working on some images v.3

    I'm noticing that zoom isn't working (either via the gesture on a trackpad, or the shortcut keys) for some of my images on a Mac. I'm using the latest version of Photo (3.0.000) with MacOS version 10.12.1. There doesn't seem to be any consistency as to which files will not zoom - I've tested jpg, tif and raw images from various cameras which have been processed in different software and there is around a 50% failure rate. I've attached a sample of a file which exhibits the problem. Thanks