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  1. I just want to add some information about this problem: I also get this error message when trying to open DNG files. But this can be solved installing Adobe DNG Codec 2.0. But as mentioned above: Installing ARW Codec for opening ARW Files does not work. Maybe there is a problem with Microsoft WIC Interface and Sony A7 RAW Codecs?
  2. I get the same error when trying to load ARW Files from my Sony Alpha 7. I am on Windows 8.1 and i wanted to test the newest trial version of Camerabag. I installed the Sony ARW Codec but this did not help either.
  3. EMK

    LUTs and Lab

    One issue with the pro-oriented features like LUT support is that they can not be used on PC / Windows. If someone wants to use the pro version (Camerabag Cinema) and all the stuff like LUT support, i have to buy a mac computer to use it. Are there plans to release it on Windows too? If not, i think it would be nice to have something like Camerabag Photo Extended with LUT Support that runs on windows.