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  1. Jamchild

    Key frames to vary settings

    Thanks Philip! What we're trying to do right now is make plugin versions of CBC for Final Cut and Premiere which can hopefully take advantage of the keyframing stuff within each of those. We're working to try to get it set up so that the plugin will have a button that will open CameraBag in plugin mode (as a separate app, not inside the FCP/Premiere window) with your current frame loaded, and when you scrub within your NLE to have that frame updated in the CBC interface, with a button you can press to commit your current filter setup back to your NLE. What do you think about that as a solution to integrating CBC into an editing workflow?
  2. Jamchild

    Eyedropper tool for Frame Colour!

    It's on the list, thanks!
  3. Jamchild

    lensbaby custom blur presets

    Interesting - yeah, some of these blur details would be pretty tough to recreate in software, since they're so related to the physical position and movement of things. How would you envision that working?
  4. Jamchild

    Supplied presets

    A lot of those differences (saturation before or after curve) is just based on what looked nicest on the test photos at the time. B+W Essentials has more variety, is a broad swath of different B+W styles. B+W Films are all just gamma curve and saturation (and grain in the G set), so for example they'll never raise the black level like some of the B+W styles do.
  5. Jamchild

    Hue alignment slider on hue curve

    Also you can scroll horizontally if you're using a trackpad, then you don't need to be over the handle (just the bar at the bottom).
  6. That's a good point re:simplicity, we'll think about bringing this back, thanks!
  7. Jamchild

    Crashes on save and wont open large JPEGs

    Did you send us the file? Send it to forum-files@nevercenter.com.
  8. Cool, well this is very useful, I'll add it to the list and we'll get a vertical line in there. Thanks!
  9. Jamchild

    Distortion adjustments

    Interesting idea - noted (esp if more people want this kind of stuff and let us know here :]). Thanks for your kind words!
  10. Yep, the CB vectorscope is unwrapped, and exactly - the angles in the lighter (mostly-lower) line are essentially equivalent to the target areas in a regular vectorscope. What are those notches in the I-axis marking?
  11. Jamchild

    Precision mode

    Cool ideas, we'll take a look!
  12. Jamchild

    CameraBag on SurfacePro

    Hi Henry, we're looking into this - we've had varying reports and don't have a Surface Pro to test it on ourselves, but will keep trying to find a solution.
  13. Hi Juan, does it work if CameraBag Photo is already open? We've found that there's something causing CBP not to load images if the app wasn't already open (which we're working on fixing), but we've gotten it to work from Lightroom by having CBP already open.
  14. Jamchild

    GPU acceleration

    Hi ElecProg, we use hardware acceleration on Mac for video processing in CameraBag Cinema, but currently our image processing is all on the CPU. Yeah, major pain to try to make it work across platforms, definitely something we want to keep looking to do as the software continues to grow though.