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  1. Still not fixed in 3.0.2.
  2. Doug Pardee

    Upgrade to CameraBag v3.0.1

    To my knowledge, there's no upgrade offer from CameraBag 2 to CameraBag Photo. When CameraBag Photo was first announced, there was a $29 upgrade offer. But that's the full price nowadays, so you're not missing anything. There have been occasional sales, so if you can't bring yourself to part with $29, maybe just waiting will help a bit.
  3. Doug Pardee

    Old Filters

    1962 is in the CameraBag v2.6 Cameras download. Pinhole is in the CameraBag v2.0 Legacy Styles download.
  4. Doug Pardee

    Restoring Deleted Preset??

    You can re-download the presets from the Download page. Look for the line "CameraBag Photo v3.0 Default Presets" down toward the bottom. That's a ZIP file that contains all of the presets from 3.0 (but not from 3.0.1, at least not yet). B&W Essentials 08 is in there. Here's what's in it: <filter version="4"> <mod name="Tone Curve" version="1" enabled="1"> <var name="Amount" type="float">1.000000</var> <var name="Curve" type="curve">0.000000 0.000000 0.321739 0.065217 0.580435 0.600000 1.000000 1.000000 </var> <var name="Method" type="choice">Luminance</var> </mod> <mod name="Saturation" version="2" enabled="1"> <var name="Amount" type="float">0.000000</var> </mod> </filter>
  5. Happy New Year, friends. Here's an old CameraBag Desktop tool that can be used for -- among other things -- selective saturation. You know, those mostly-B&W pictures with only one color still showing. The Hue Saturation tool, or an HSV Mask applied to a Saturation tool, can also get you there, but I find that controlling the curves on those can be a bit challenging. In particular, adjusting how picky the color selection is requires (for me, at least) moving four separate control points on the curve. Also, adjusting the selected color can be a difficult when CameraBag insists on selecting a control point instead of the triangle for the hue control when I click. Not that everything's rainbows with this old Selective Saturation tool, at least when you want most of the picture to be B&W. You have to think backwards in that case, because what you're doing is desaturating the other colors. You need to select the opposite color from what you want to keep, and in order to narrow the kept color you need to widen the range of desaturated colors (and vice versa). Overall, this tool is simpler (and therefore less powerful) than Hue Saturation, and much simpler (and therefore much less powerful) than an HSV Mask applied to a Saturation tool. But for times when you don't need the power, why not keep things simple? By the way, I should mention yet one more -- even more complicated and even more powerful -- alternative that only applies when you want to fully desaturate some of the colors: an HSV Mask applied to a Filtered B&W tool. This is the most complicated combination for producing selective color photos, but I have to say that being able to adjust the B&W part of the image via the filtering is pretty darned nifty. A tip: the Chrominance Chart window (hotkey 5) can often help you nail the Color and Tolerance settings. Another tip: in the Color control, it doesn't much matter where the open circle (in the center area) is, as long as it isn't at one of the edges -- your main interest is the hue slider across the bottom. The CBF file is attached. The initial settings are from the Red Splash filter in CB 2.0. Here's what it contains. <filter version="4"> <mod name="Selective Saturation" version="1" enabled="1"> <var name="Color" type="color">171.000000 229.000000 223.000015 255.000000</var> <var name="Tolerance" type="float">80.191246</var> <var name="Saturation" type="float">0.000000</var> </mod> </filter> Adjustment Selective Sat.cbf
  6. Doug Pardee

    Supplied presets

    Just thinking aloud about the supplied presets... For the B&W presets, how about using a Filtered B&W with Amount=0 instead of Saturation? That would make it a tiny bit easier to add color filtration to those presets when desired. Is there a reason that some of the B&W presets do the curve first and then the saturation, while others do the saturation first? Have you considered including the 1-Hour Photo preset? Yeah, it's pretty close to a slightly-blurred version of the new B&W Films G 03, but G 03 is gentler on the bright highlights, which can reduce the impact of the result a bit. Speaking of B&W presets, what's the difference between B&W Essentials and the new B&W Films? I get that the film presets with "G" in the name add grain, but otherwise they seem to me to be just more variations. And sometimes the variations are unclear -- there's not a lot of difference between B&W Essentials 08 and B&W Films N 01, between B&W Essentials 04 and B&W Films N 04, and between B&W Essentials 09 and B&W Films N 05. Color Essentials 02 and 04 have separate Exposure, Contrast, and Saturation tools. Would they be simpler with a Multi-Tool? Or does the order somehow matter for those presets? Or maybe it'd be better to swap out the Contrast tool with Advanced Contrast using the default origin and method?
  7. Doug Pardee

    Hue alignment slider on hue curve

    When working with a hue curve, I sometimes find it impossible to grab the triangle to reposition the color range if there are curve control points at the "zero" level anywhere in the vicinity. I always seem to grab a curve control point instead of the triangle. As a workaround, I temporarily move the curve control points up a bit, off of zero, and put them back when I'm done tweaking the hue range. CameraBag Photo 3.0.1 on Windows 10.
  8. Kind of a nit-picky observation: the image used for this demo has what appears to be a broad halo above the heads of the two people. It looks rather like the halo effect from over-enthusiastic HDR, although I suspect it's probably just a bit of cloud that's in an unfortunate (in my mind, anyway) position. When cycling through the filtering controls, the halo (naturally) comes and goes. I think it gives the impression that the filtering is producing the halo effect, when in fact it's merely hiding or accentuating the existing halo. Anyway... for me, it's distracting.
  9. Doug Pardee

    Will Not Load Next with Arrows

    As advertised, version 3.0.1 has restored the ability to use unshifted arrow keys to navigate between photos in a folder. (Yay!)
  10. Aspect Ratio is still applied after Fill Border in 3.0.1, even if the Aspect Ratio tile is before the Fill Border tile.
  11. Doug Pardee

    Video series: CameraBag Adjustments Tab Walkthrough

    I'd suggest overviews of some of the adjustment options. #1 on my list would be the choices for many of the color tools: Colorize Tint Color Filter Dye Color Balance Screen Multiply #2 would be the choices for Dynamics: Overlay Luminance #3 would be the choices for tone curve, advanced contrast, shadows/highlights: RGB Luminance Value Lightness #4 (last) would be the choices for blur and circular blur: Gaussian Box Circle
  12. Doug Pardee

    Excuse me I can't open my photo

    This seems to be some problem with "extended" characters in the folders and file names, and it might only happen with Steam. Your folder name is probably a problem. You might be able to get by just adding one ANSI character, such as a "1", to the folder name. See this forum thread: http://nevercenter.com/camerabag/forum/index.php?/topic/163-ongoing-bug-with-unicode-characters/
  13. Doug Pardee

    Will Not Load Next with Arrows

    Shift-arrow still works, but yeah, the left and right arrows alone don't do it any more. My guess is that was to prevent accidentally switching from one image to another while editing, but only the folks at NeverCenter know for sure. I'm retraining my fingers to hold the Shift key while scrolling among pictures, but sometimes they forget.
  14. Doug Pardee

    Create Filters in Camera Bag for Fotograf

    I'm not sure what it is that you're expecting when you read the phrase "custom filters." For CameraBag, it basically means you can make your own presets. A "filter" is the sequence of tiles across the bottom of the screen. Press the "+" key and you can save it into the My Presets part of the Presets tab. You can also save the filter into a file anywhere you want, with the File>Export Filter menu item (Ctrl-E). Edited to add: Oh, I see. You're asking about getting them into Fotograf. That I don't know about. Sorry.