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  1. I use auto-DR on my Fujifilm X-T10, so that when it finds a lot of highlights being blown out in a picture I'm about to take, it switches to DR200 mode. In DR200 mode, the camera underexposes by one stop to protect some of the highlights, then compensates for that during JPEG processing. When working from a RAF (Fuji Raw) file, the compensation needs to be applied by the Raw converter. The Fast Picture Viewer codec for RAF doesn't apply that compensation, with the result that the image is dark by one stop. Using the JPEG file -- created at the same time as the Raw file -- as a reference, I created the following filter which fairly closely (but obviously not exactly) reproduces the adjustment made by Fuji's JPEG processing. Note that choice of film simulation will affect this a bit, since the FPV codec's Raw conversion doesn't do film simulations. If accuracy is important, separate filters would be needed for each film sim. Here's what's in the attached DR200.CBF file: <filter version="3"> <mod name="Exposure" version="1" enabled="1"> <var name="Amount" type="float">1.500000</var> </mod> <mod name="Tone Curve" version="1" enabled="1"> <var name="Amount" type="float">1.000000</var> <var name="Curve" type="curve">0.000000 0.000000 0.123913 0.273913 0.425000 0.582609 0.665217 0.900000 1.000000 1.000000 </var> <var name="Method" type="choice">RGB</var> </mod> </filter> DR200.cbf
  2. As far as I can tell from a sloppy search, Sony is the only camera manufacturer currently providing a Raw codec for Windows (https://esupport.sony.com/swu/4022/US/) Canon and Olympus used to provide Raw codecs, many years ago -- I have Canon's Windows XP codec for my 11-year-old Rebel XT. But as far as I can tell, there have been no Canon or Olympus codecs for modern cameras or modern versions of Windows. Fujifilm, Panasonic, and Pentax don't seem to have ever provided a Raw codec for Windows. I suspect that a Pentax set to produce DNG files can use Adobe's DNG codec (https://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/detail.jsp?ftpID=5495). Similarly, Leica should be able to use the DNG codec. I'd also expect that DNG files created by the Adobe DNG converter could be handled by Adobe's DNG codec. A potential kink is a mismatch in DNG version on this ancient software. The DNG codec is old, released back in 2012 for use on Windows 7. Reports are that it works fine on Windows 8 and Windows 10. I don't use DNG myself, so I can't attest to any of this personally.
  3. Unfortunately, it seems that the Aspect Ratio is always applied after the Border.
  4. Doug Pardee

    Borders and Quick View

    I do see that Quick View for adjustments (shortcut key A) is gone. I didn't even know that one existed, and it isn't something I'd ever have used.
  5. Doug Pardee

    Borders and Quick View

    [I'm on Windows 10. The following may not be relevant on other platforms.] Unlike prior updates, CameraBag Photo doesn't seem to carry forward your existing presets, such as the old borders from the early days of CameraBag 2. You'll need to copy those over yourself. On Windows, go to your Documents folder and you should find two folders of interest: com.nevercenter.camerabag2 should have your old presets (in a folder called Presets), and com.nevercenter.camerabagphoto is where CameraBag Photo is looking for them (again, in a folder called Presets). When copying, do be careful not to clobber the CameraBag Photo presets with the old ones with the same name. If you're on a Mac, I can't help you with the details. Also, only the "Image Border" in CameraBag Photo requires an image file; there are also Basic Border and Fill Border. (Same as CameraBag 2.) As for Quick View... if you mean Quicklook, it's still there at the top of the Presets column, or with the F key (Shift-F for adding the presets to the existing filter), or with Menu>Edit>Quicklook Presets.
  6. Doug Pardee

    No lens leak and Lolo available

    Here's the CBF file for Adjustment Discolor. Adjustment Discolor.cbf
  7. Is this for Video, Photo, both? I'd be glad to beta-test CameraBag Desktop (Photo) for Windows. I'm on Win 10 (64-bit). I can't help with Video or Macs, though.
  8. Doug Pardee

    No lens leak and Lolo available

    As far as I know, the Lightleak adjustment is the same as it always was. Perhaps you're thinking of the old Discolor adjustment, which offered Offset and Color options rather than Remix. For some reason, that adjustment isn't included in the download.
  9. Doug Pardee

    camerabag crashes with large files

    That looks like a good installation. As long as that's the copy of CameraBag2.exe that you're running. The Win7 box I'm using has the QtGui4 and other DLLs in Program Files (x86)/Intel/Intel(R) Update Manager/bin/ui. I don't know if that information helps you at all. CB2 should be using QT5, not QT4. And as you've already noted, the Qt5 DLLs are right there in your folder. If you start CB2 by double-clicking the "CameraBag 2" entry in the folder listed above, does that work? If so, maybe however you've been launching it is launching some other copy. You can always try uninstalling and reinstalling. Be warned that this can cause duplicate entries in CameraBag's folder in My Documents, so you might want to just rename the existing one for safekeeping.
  10. Doug Pardee

    camerabag crashes with large files

    The initial release of CameraBag 2.8 for Windows was just an EXE, no installer with no DLLs. They quickly fixed that. Is it possible that the CameraBag.exe that you're trying to run isn't the one you think you're trying to run? Maybe there's a copy of the EXE somewhere else?
  11. Doug Pardee

    Tone Curve vs Gamma Curve

    My (inexpert) opinion: from a usage point of view, the big difference is that the gamma curve is referenced to a horizontal line rather than a 45-degree diagonal. That doesn't sound like a big deal, but it makes it a bit easier to visualize what the effect is. More subtle, but perhaps more significant, the result is more natural. The variation in the adjustment is smoother, and it's impossible to achieve negative contrast, where a brighter input gives a darker output. Of course, if you want negative contrast -- for example, to emulate solarization -- the gamma curve won't get you there. For those wilder artistic effects, you'll need the tone curve. And, obviously, there are a number of variations on the tone curves, including color (R, G, B Curves and Component Curve), while the gamma curve is strictly brightness. Which is in keeping with the gamma curve's function as a practical, rather than artistic, control.
  12. In the new Chrominance Chart, I know the zig-zag heavy gray line near the top is 100% saturation. But what's the lighter line below it?
  13. Doug Pardee

    Color Management on Windows

    It's hard for me to recommend CB2 as a serious photo editor on Windows when it lacks any color management. It's a unique tool, but when the colors that come out aren't predictable, that's quite a problem.
  14. Doug Pardee

    New user seeking basics

    Hi, Louis. CameraBag 2 is oriented toward adjusting the entire image. It doesn't include localized adjustments such as red-eye -- although if you don't have any other red in the picture, the Hue Brightness adjustment could be used to darken all reds, and/or Hue Saturation to removed the color from all reds. CameraBag 2 also doesn't do printing; you need to save the picture into a separate file and print that file from some other tool. Cropping is part of the Crop/Straighten tool -- it's the first one in the Adjustments tab. It's a bit different from the other CameraBag tools in that you have to click the Apply button when you've got the crop set up the way you want. For resizing a single image, you can just set the desired size in the "Save" dialog. If you're batch-processing an entire folder full of images that are different sizes, you might find the Exact Size and Maximum Size tools -- the last ones in the Adjustments tab -- to be helpful. The Maximum Size tool won't expand images beyond their original size the way the Exact Size tool will.
  15. Doug Pardee

    CameraBag 2.8 is Released!

    It's fixed now. Redownload and reinstall.
  16. Doug Pardee

    CameraBagged portrait

    The Windows version doesn't understand color spaces. The Mac version is supposed to convert from, in your case, ProPhoto RGB to the monitor color space for working, then embed the monitor color space in the saved output file. I get by on Windows because my monitor is calibrated to sRGB, and most of my photos are sRGB. Still, it'd be nice if CameraBag 2 recognized color spaces on Windows.
  17. Doug Pardee

    CameraBag 2.8 is Released!

    Yeah, the Windows download file contains only the main program, not the whole installation package. I've already sent an email to support, so hopefully they get it fixed. For now, you can install 2.7 if you don't already have it, then replace the "camerabag 2.exe" file in the 2.7 installation folder with the one from the current 2.8 download. That seems to work, at least for basic stuff. I haven't had a chance to really put it through its paces.