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  1. I have asked before. It would be useful to copy an image from a document/webpage and paste into Camerabag for editing and adjustment. Even better - to be able to copy an image in camerabag and paste into an email/program without having to save first. Afinity has this feature.
  2. It would be nice to have blur presets. Maybe a custom option where you upload a greyscale image to drive the preset. Black would give the most blur, while white gives none. An image movement distortion variable would also be nice linked to the grey scale image.
  3. fotonoir

    lensbaby custom blur presets

    example 2
  4. I'd be glad to beta-test CameraBag Desktop (Photo) for Windows. I'm also on Win 10 (64-bit).
  5. A collage layout tool could be quite useful for many photographers because of social media. Many blogs,websites,facebook and twitter put up up a collage of images in a post. it would be good if you could compose a simple collage using images you have just adjusted in camerbag. It would be good if you could adjust the border width and colour between images in the collage. I have attached a image of a similar tool in Picmonkey, the online photo editor. I have also attached sample images from twitter.
  6. I only use jpg in Camerabag 2. The way I see it working - Import raw into camerabag (if possible) . adjust exposure and add adjustments . copy image in Camerabag (if it was possible) as a jpeg and paste into Neat . Fix noise and export . I dont do many images with noise. Neat only supports BMP, TIFF, PNG and JPEG for import anyway. The great thing I like about Camerabag is the size of the application . Its small and light. I would not like it to become a large and bloated like lightroom,DXO or Photo shop. - my own opinion.
  7. Another option for "good" noise processing. I have asked ( if possible) for a copy to clipboard and paste from clipboard function in camerabag . If this is implemented, you could copy the image from camerabag and paste in into https://ni.neatvideo.com/home . Then do your noise reduction and automatically save. Input in Neat Use the Edit > Paste menu item to copy-and-paste an image from another application to Neat Image through the Windows clipboard.1 output from Neat. Neat Image will try to automatically save the output image (if you instructed it to do so or if the Output settings in Preferences instruct it to save output images automatically)
  8. Noise reduction would be nice, but I think it is a complicated task to get right - looking at programs like noise ninja. I use DXO.
  9. fotonoir

    A collage layout tool for social media

    This is where a copy and paste - import function could be useful. I could copy and paste images from the internet in Camerabag to make a mood board. Sample attached. Good for interior designers and bloggers
  10. fotonoir

    Copy and paste from clipboard

    If a problem. I would be happy with just import from windows clipboard ( copied image). I could use lightshot - screen capture to export the adjusted image
  11. I would like the function to import an image into Camerabag with copy and paste. I sometimes copy and paste images between applications, without having to save them at every point. This is also useful when posting to twitter using paste in the tweet. So to be able to copy an image with a preset in Camerabag would be amazing, without having to save.
  12. fotonoir

    auto exposure tile/button

  13. fotonoir

    auto exposure tile/button

    An auto - exposure tile / button with a tolerance adjustment, This means I can control how much automatic adjustment is applied to a batch of images.
  14. fotonoir

    Sharpening Tool not Saving on Mac

    I did a check for myself. Sharpening does seem to save on my computer. Image attached. Are you lowering the resolution before saving? Image on the right is a saved version of the image on the left with a sharpening adjustment..
  15. fotonoir

    Copy and paste from clipboard

  16. fotonoir

    Watched folders

    Great!!! I losing hope! .
  17. fotonoir

    Watched folders

    Hi I would like a watched folder option. You specify a folder, any image which is added to this folder is automatically adjusted with a preset and saved in another predefined folder. I would use this in a tethered camera setup using cable, wireless and eyefi cards.. This option was available in Aftershot Pro, but was removed when it was sold to Corel. It is available in Lightroom with limits on functionality. This would be good for photo booth setups. What would be also good if the crop size and position is also saved within the current preset. There are many photo applications , but very few with this function.
  18. fotonoir

    CameraBag 2.8 is Released!

    having a problem installing on PC .missing Qt5core.dll. Aready have previous version 2.7 installed.
  19. fotonoir

    Watched folders

    I wanted a better alternative to batch photo . http://www.batchphoto.com/ Folder & FTP WatchMonitor folders for newly added images and automatically apply custom defined edits.