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  1. CameraBag 2.8 - Coming Soon!

    At the very least all the "basics" adjustments. But what would really rock would be a possibilty to stack any adjustment or adjustments on a lightroom style brush (not the "lasso style" selection, but a mask type brush), in the way nested tiles work. Graduated filters would be a nice touch, too :-)
  2. CameraBagged portrait

    Thanks It's basically Vintage 06 preset with minor adjustments and grain and blure turned off. There are some local adjustments made both before and after CameraBag in Lightroom and Photoshop. I use Lightroom/Photoshop combo extensively, with loads of postprocessing - this is where 16bit ProPhoto workspace really does the trick.
  3. CameraBag 2.8 - Coming Soon!

    Cool. Is there any chance of local adjustments coming into CameraBag?
  4. CameraBagged portrait

    Well, allow me to be the first one here So much fun. One big workflow bump though - it doesn't understand ProPhoto RGB.