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  1. john

    Unable to load JPG-files

    Hi Anne, Thanks so much for taking the time to write, and we're sorry to hear you're having issues. We're continuing to look into these issues and trying to figure out what's going on. It seems to be tied to filepaths with non-English characters in them. We recently made one change which may fix it; you may have success by just downloading and installing the very latest version of CameraBag (3.0.1) here: http://nevercenter.com/camerabag/photo/download/
  2. john

    Craching opening/saving large RAW files

    Fantastic report, thanks! We'll try to recreate these and see if we can get to the bottom of it.
  3. Sorry, no update on this just yet, but it is definitely on our list.
  4. john

    Split Screen

    Ah, I think I know what it is. You currently have to have multiple tabs already created before you switch to split screen. So do "New Tab" first from the file menu, and THEN switch to split screen. Does that fix it? We should make it so that the View menu options auto-create the new tab for you already. We'll add it to feature requests.
  5. john

    Could not Load a Photo

    Okay, thanks for the report Henry. This issue is very frustrating and we're hopeful to squash it soon! Which OS are you using, and do you have the Steam version or the website version?
  6. This looks like it was indeed related to the other issue, and we believe we've fixed both for the next update. -John
  7. john

    Ongoing bug with Unicode characters

    Update on this: Still unable to recreate on our machines, but we think we may have tracked down an issue in the Windows Imaging Component which may be related. We're looking to send out some test builds, if you're interested in helping contact support@nevercenter.com and mention me (John) and "Steam file issues". Thanks for your help, and sorry for the inconvenience!
  8. john

    Can't load images

    Hi dabjoern, sorry you're running into this! Could you contact support@nevercenter.com and mention me (John) and "Steam file issues"? I'd like to send you some test builds and/or explain how to get your money back. -John
  9. john

    CameraBag 2 crashes when opening CR2

    Hi there, we're having trouble tracking this down. If either of you are interested I'd like to send you some non-steam test builds. Could you contact support@nevercenter.com and mention me (John) and the "Steam CR2 bug"? Thanks for your help! -John
  10. john


    Nope, no plans for Linux at this time. Cheers!
  11. john

    Split Screen

    Hi David, are you on OSX or Windows, and if so which version? Do the buttons simply do nothing when you click them? Thanks!
  12. john

    Double Exposure

    That's a nice idea, we'll add it to the list of suggestions. Thanks!
  13. john

    Open RAW File from Finder

    Okay, great. We've found an RAF file that isn't loading, and we're going to take a look.
  14. Hi phrost, do you already own CameraBag 2 or CameraBag Photo anywhere else? If so, send an email to support@nevercenter.com from your purchase address, and mention sending it along to John. I need to double-check if we can distribute steam codes for versions that are no longer for sale.
  15. john

    Ongoing bug with Unicode characters

    Thanks, we're very actively looking into this now. Our problem has always been recreating it -- using pathnames with unicode keeps working fine on all our test systems. I'm going to try these exact steps later today. Hopefully we can finally squash it.