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    CameraBag 2 crashes when opening CR2

    I found a workaround that kinda sucks but works. The problem appears to be related to STEAM running while you are running CB2. The problem is that if you shut down Steam, it closes CB2. If you try to launch CB2 from the exe, it launches Steam. The only way to close Steam with CB2 open is to use task manager and force close Steam. Please fix this. Either allow the exe to be launched without launching Steam or figure out why Steam is causing CB2 to crash.
  2. What the bug is: Camera Bag 2 (steam) crashes every time I try to load a CR2 file. I get a generic windows error that says "CameraBag 2.exe has stopped working" Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.Steps to repeat the bug: Click file>load photo> select a CR2 fileSystem/app version/file details: I have windows 10 pro with all the latest updates. I have the most current version of CameraBag 2 from Steam (just bought and installed). I have a brand new Canon 6D and I can open and edit these CR2 files in other programs.Other info: JPGs load fine and all the features seem to work on the JPGs. I tried to attach the file but I get an error uploading. My guess is because it is too big (~27MB). This may be the reason behind the crash as well?