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    CameraBag Sluggish/Laggy

    There was no resolution to the laggy performance issue on the 21" iMac, I just didn't use CB because it was so sluggish. Just downloaded and installed the CB Cinema Beta; while the adjustment slider performance does seem better, it tied-up my processor(s) much more than before. See attached screen grab of Activity Monitor showing in excess of 350% CPU. It remained above 350% for over 20 seconds with only the Multi Tool applied and no actual adjustments being made. I'll post a screen vid to this thread in my next post. Thanks again.
  2. Christek

    CameraBag Sluggish/Laggy

    Hi Jamchild, Thanks for responding. Laggy performance is evident in all adjustments. Admittedly, blur is particularly poor. The version is: which I believe to be the latest. My wife has a MBP (mid 2010) and CB2 works fine on it. Conclusion? The screen resolution and size on 27" 5K iMac requires much more processing power/time to accomplish the same tasks that work without issue on the smaller MBP? Curious - PS CC has no issue with blur or any other filters on this machine. Many other photo apps seem to work fine, although some warn that image size is larger than they can handle and offer to resize. Image sizes are always the same: 5472 x 3648 from Canon 7D Mkii. Raw files are converted to JPG using Adobe Camera Raw, average file size is between 8 and 12 MB. Interesting - I have had CB since Feb 2013, I have only owned the 27" iMac since late 2014. Prior to that, I had a 21" iMac (early 2010) and CB had the same issues on that. Thanks again.
  3. Christek

    CameraBag Sluggish/Laggy

    I have had CB since Feb 2013 and have not used it as much as I would like. I normally use PS CC2016 for my photo editing and I'm always on the lookout for photo apps that can save me time. The reason that I don't use CB much, is because it has always been so laggy on my machine. When I watch the how-to vids (or any videos that show CB in action), the adjustments to presets always happen in real time. I have never been able to achieve this. As a photographer, I have many photo apps and I have noticed that even the 'junky' ones don't lag as much as CB. I have CB 2.8 running on a 27" 5k Retina iMac with 16GB of Ram (see attached info screenshot). As an example, adding circular blur to a B&W photo in CB can take up to 6 seconds to render changes (radius, amount, etc). While it's rendering, my processor(s) can run at over 250%. Moving the adjustment sliders is also slow. The slider knob is always about 1/2 to 3/4 inch behind the pointer and does not move smoothly, but is jerky. I'm certain that CB would save me a lot of time if it was not such a slug to use. Has anyone else experienced these problems? More importantly, can anyone help?!