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Found 3 results

  1. pozdn9k

    Ongoing bug with Unicode characters

    Hey everyone. I own CameraBag 2 and now CameraBag Photo both on Steam. CameraBag 2 refused to open files that have non-English letters in their names or in folder names that files are in. It just showed an error message saying that I'm trying to open an unsupported RAW file (even though I only have .jpg, .png and etc. - regular stuff). It was reported by me and by other users aswell on Steam forums (probably should have reported it here too). Now CameraBag Photo is released and it still has this issue. Here's a screenshot. You can see that folder is named 'Картинки' (means 'pictures, images' in Russian). Now if I move that same file to E:\ and try to open it - it works just fine. Here are my older posts on Steam forums: http://steamcommunity.com/app/100410/discussions/0/540744475546902177/#c540744475551055546 http://steamcommunity.com/app/100410/discussions/0/617330406662901342/#c617330406664865318 (yeah, I've been a bit salty here) I'd like to point out, just in case, that the problem is not in the files being damaged/broken/corrupted or whatever, it's about files and folders names. The workaround is to throw files to work with into a folder that has only English symbols and make sure file's name has only those too, but it's very inconvinient to move files around just because of a bug. Also it's not about just Russian letters - I saw people who tried to open files that have German, Spanish, French letter in files or folders names with no luck. After some tinkering I found out that if I add an English letter or just a number to the folder name or a file name - it will open. For example, if I rename folder "Картинки" to "Катинки1" - it will open files in it. As long as those files have an English letter or a number in its name. So, to wrap this up: 1) If a path to a file has a folder that's named only with non-English and non-number characters - then CameraBag will show an error message and won't open any files by this path. 2) If the file itself is named only with non-English and non-number characters - then CameraBag will show an error message and won't open it. Please take care of this, its been an ongoing issue for years now.
  2. Bug reported through support emails, confirmed. Repeatable bugs: Is repeatable What the bug is: When running Fotograf as an external photo editor under Apple's Photos app on iOS 10, it won't allow changes to be saved. Error message given is "Unable to save changes. An error has occurred while saving. Please try again later." Steps to repeat the bug: Open an image in Photos, use Fotograf as an external image editor and make adjustments, then try to save. System/app version/file details: iOS 10, latest Fotograf update, jpg/png Other info: bug introduced with Apple's update to iOS 10
  3. Recently, when I've been saving photos after editing, I will look back on the saved photo and find that it has been cropped automatically even though I have not used a crop at all. When I see the photo in the Camerabag editor it looks fine, but then the saved image is cropped. Please see example below. Again - the crop filter was turned off on my toolbar when saving this photo... This issue is causing me to have to re-edit hours of work nearly every time I use it. This is a very new issue as I've been using Camerabag for nearly 2 years and I am currently using version 2.8. Thank you for your help.