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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I'm experiencing a repeatable bug (crash) on the latest version of CameraBag 2.8.01 on Mac. I'm reporting it according to your template, below. What the bug is: CameraBag is crashing (in a reliable way) while saving a file. I expected it to save my file and continue, but the application crashed with a crash report (Which is attached). Steps to reproduce the bug: Open CameraBagLoad a file using the big "Load an Image" button on the screenMake adjustments with love, see results with amazementGo to File, click Save As... Select any format (PNG and JPEG has guaranteed results), Click Save...Select somewhere you cannot save (e.g. select the root of your hard drive)Click save Boom.System details: CameraBag 2.8.01 (EP)OS X 10.11.3 "El Capitan"MacBook Retina 15", Mid 2014 (Complete system specs are here)System is formatted with case sensitive file system.Other details: Nothing to note. CameraBag 2.8.01 Crash Report.txt
  2. I found 2 bugs in the Windows version of CameraBag Photo 3.0.100 What the bug is: Open .NEF files through File->Load Photo, will crash almost instantly and consistantly. Steps to repeat the bug: Open .NEF files through File->Load Photo 'CameraBag Photo has stopped working' System/app version/file details: Windows 10 x64, CameraBag Photo version 3.0.100 from Steam. Other info: If I use the big 'Load an Image' button on screen it will load the picture, but if I use the menu it will crash. Also, other .jpeg files worked fine. Note: I have installed the Nikon NEF Codec software. Bug 2: What the bug is: Saving altered .NEF files through File->Save as Steps to repeat the bug: Open .NEF files through dragging the photo into CameraBag Photo.(onto the Load an Image button) Alter the picture 'Save as' any file type, none work, with full resolution(In my case 6000x4000 and Quality:100) Select a writable location(My documents, for example) When you save, you get the message 'CameraBag Photo has stopped working'. System/app version/file details: Windows 10 x64, CameraBag Photo version 3.0.100 from Steam. Other info: I have tried different things to work around the problem. I tried to open an image, then use File->Load Next and then alter and save, with the same results. Later I tried to bring down the resolution of the image to 3000x2000 and Quality:50. This enabled me to save the picture. Therefore I theorize that the problem may be with large files. This believe is strenghtend with the fact that my smaller .jpeg files opened, altered and saved without a problem. The image I attached will produce both bugs. I hope that you can repeat, find and fix these bugs. DSC_0454.NEF
  3. bogd

    Crash on save file

    Repeatable bugs: yes What the bug is: crashes on "save as" ("Camera Bag 2.exe has stopped working") Steps to repeat the bug: Open a large file (in my case, a .jpg file). Try to save it under a new name ("save as"). Crash. System/app version/file details: Windows 10 x64, Camera Bag 2.8.01 EP (from Steam). Other info: Seems to be related to file size (5472x3648 in my case). Does not seem to be related to: File location - I have tried opening files from multiple locations, and saving them to multiple locations - same result Processing performed on the file - the bug is repeatable even if I do not process the file at all. Just open, save as, and it crashes A particular file - so far, this has happened on every single file I tried to open. Needless to say, this makes the program completely unusable for me... I'm attaching one of my files, in case you need it to reproduce the bug. [ Edit - my apologies, I seem to have posted in the wrong place. This should be under Camera Bag for Windows. Can someone help me and move it, or should I just post again under the correct topic? ]
  4. Repeatable bugs: Yes, every time. What the bug is: Program crashed when I tried to use "Save as" on a photo I'd just edited. This happened several times. I removed all local files and reinstalled the software via Steam hoping that would fix the issue, but now CR crashed every time I try to load an image of any file type. Steps to repeat the bug: Open CR. Click "Load" button in the centre. Choose image. Click "OK". "This program is not responding." System/app version/file details: Windows 7 Professional, Camera Bag 2.8.01, updated automatically via Steam. Any file type - JPEG, PNG, RAW, ARW, etc. Other info: I tried the proposed fix with shutting down Steam via the Task Manager, but it didn't work. I'd really like to get this fixed. Please? ._.
  5. I find that camerabag crashes if I try to save a large file (typically 8600 x 5733, 30 to 40Mb). You make adjustments and when you come to SAVE, Camerbag just crashes and there is a windows message saying it will look for any soutions to the problem, but the problem itself is not defined. Any ideas how this can be solved?