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Found 2 results

  1. hello, I am a heavy user of CameraBag 2 on ios. it proved untreplaceable there, and I am particularly brought back to the filter-sets there, which I modified. now I discovered Camera Bag 2 for desktop might be a helpful addition to my desktop workflow, and I would also like to take the chance to unify the looks of my photos taken (processed) on ios and osx. now the question: can I export/transfer the Camera Bag 2 styles from my iphone to the desktop version? I guess this includes 2 questions: - are filters between CB2 on ios + desktop interoperable (or is it only Fotograf now)? - if so, is there an option to take not only the stream osx to ios export, but also ios to osx? thanks for any hints + help! oliver
  2. I have been using the app on my iPad for a very long time and love it. What I've gotten used to is selecting a filter I like, clicking it, and using the arrow on the right to save changes. And that's it, voila! As a terrible Photoshop user, I appreciate the bells and whistles part of the desktop program, but what I really want is the laziness I can ooze by selecting a filter and CLICK, it's applied! Why can't I do this in the Quicklook window?!?!? It is making me positively insane that I am allowed to see these lovely -potential- alterations, but not be able to apply them like in the app! Am I overlooking something? And if so, what is it? Please help, I want to use the desktop, but it's making me tear my hair out in frustration!