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  1. Nevercenter


    How do I get support? This forum is a great place! Post your question here and the community can answer. We also have a YouTube Channel and per-product Support pages for CameraBag for Mac/PC What file types can I edit with CameraBag for Mac/PC? CameraBag can open JPG, PNG, TIFF, and most RAW files. With RAW images, it uses the extra data while editing, then exports to JPG, PNG, or TIFF. On Macs, CameraBag can also open PSD files. Why are my filters different as of v2.7? Where are my Styles, Cameras, and Borders? How can I get them back? Learn a bit more about the v2.7 interface updates in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZ1DrwxONcI. If you already had CameraBag 2.6 or earlier installed on your system, your My Styles, Borders, and Cameras should have been automatically copied in to your Presets tab when you installed the v2.7 update. They can be found under a section called "Legacy". If you do not see them there, please first make sure you have installed the latest available CameraBag update. If this still does not work, you can use this workaround to get your set of My Styles from your v2.6 install back: Open CameraBag and go to "File > Reveal Presets Folder". This will open a folder called "Presets" (and you will see a single folder called "Default Presets" inside of it). Quit CameraBag, leaving the Presets window open. Go out one level from the Presets folder. This folder will contain "My Styles", "Preferences.xml", and "Presets". Drag the "My Styles" folder into the "Presets" folder. Reopen CameraBag and click on the Presets tab. You will see all of your old filters in a section there. If you didn't have CameraBag 2.6 installed on your system (or you can't find the files you are looking for), you can download them from our site (see below). Where can I download the default Favorites, Borders, and Cameras from v2.6? The Favorites from v2.0? We've made the entire set default Filters, along with Cameras and Borders, available on the CameraBag Downloads page. You can add them into CameraBag by revealing the Presets folder, creating appropriate folders in there, and adding in the (unzipped) CBF files. Quit and reopen CameraBag to have them appear as sections under your Presets tab. See this video for more. Can I use my CameraBag filters in Fotograf? How? Yes! If you purchase Fotograf's "Everything" In-App Purchase, you turn on Fotograf's ability to read CameraBag for Mac/PC filters. Simply export the desired CameraBag filter as a CBF file ("File > Save Filter" in CameraBag), then use filesharing to import that CBF file (or files) into Fotograf via iTunes. (more FAQs to come!)