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Found 3 results

  1. Love CameraBag. Thanks for this helpful tool. Two questions: 1) I have CB / Cinema 3.0. I read somewhere else that working with video requires a stand-alone App - but I see it seems to also work with my current version. Can I edit video with my current version? 2) There are time, when needing to upload a photograph, I need to reduce total size (mb). For example, today, I am trying to upload a photo to a site that will not take anything over 3 mb (and my photo is around 5 mb). I want to make sure the size is not reduced (dimensions). But I need to find a way to drop the total mb size to make it work with the online program. So is there a way to do this with TravelBag? How can I change total mb size on a photo, but not reduce the dimension size of the photo? (I realize that I can do this in programs such as PhotoShop. But would love to find a way to do this quickly within PhotoBag. Thanks much.
  2. Hi, Just wanted to adress an annoying issue I'm having. I've installed CameraBag 2 through steam on my new laptop, which is a Dell XPS 15 with a 4k 15 inches display. It's running Windows 10, and it's been having some serious issues with scaling. The interface is too tiny to be even remotely comfortable to work on it. Somebody does have a solution to this? Is Nevercenter aware of the problem? I've been using Camerabag for various years and never had a single issue! Please solve this. P.S. Other programs had bad scaling (like autocad or photoshop) due to bad complatibility issue which was faut of the programmers; anyway it was solved by creaing a .manifest file along the main .exe and everything was fine. This solution tho is not working with CameraBag! Thanks Appreciate any help
  3. I'm a little vague on how I can save my images at the highest resolution. I do not have Photoshop. The two programs I use are Photos (Mac program) for downloading and CameraBag for editing. Thank you.