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Found 2 results

  1. Present in v2.7. To reproduce: Open a photoAdd a Fill border or an image borderRemove that Fill border or Image border tileExpected result: border is removed, photo aspect ratio photo remains at default for image Error result: border is removed, but photo aspect ratio is adjusted (via crop) to image+border
  2. Bug introduced in v2.7; clicking a second time on "Crop/Straighten" sidebar button when the Crop/Straighten editor is currently active causes a program crash. (Since editor opens in active state after clicking, also occurs if you double-click on the Crop/Straighten sidebar button.) --- To reproduce: Open a photoIn the Adjustments tab, click on the Crop/Straighten buttonBefore exiting Crop/Straighten editor, click on the Crop/Straighten button againExpected result: Crop/Straighten stays active, second click feels like it is ignored Error result: Program crashes