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(how) can I import customized filters from CB2 ios to desktop version?

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I am a heavy user of CameraBag 2 on ios. it proved untreplaceable there, and I am particularly brought back to the filter-sets there, which I modified.

now I discovered Camera Bag 2 for desktop might be a helpful addition to my desktop workflow, and I would also like to take the chance to unify the looks of my photos taken (processed) on ios and osx.

now the question: can I export/transfer the Camera Bag 2 styles from my iphone to the desktop version?

I guess this includes 2 questions:

- are filters between CB2 on ios + desktop interoperable (or is it only Fotograf now)?

- if so, is there an option to take not only the stream osx to ios export, but also ios to osx?

thanks for any hints + help!


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You can construct new styles from scratch using CameraBag for your Mac/PC, and import them into CameraBag for iOS. Unfortunately, it doesn't work the other way, because of limitations with Apple's iTunes File Sharing.

In case this is helpful:
To copy Mac/PC to iOS, copy one or more filters created in CameraBag for Mac/PC (they will be .cbf files) into CameraBag Mobile using Apple's iTunes File Sharing instructions, available here: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4094 (You may need to close and reopen the preview chooser to see your newly imported styles.)

So, you can go Mac/PC -> iOS, but not iOS -> Mac/PC. And while we are mostly focusing on Fotograf as our mobile photo editing app, CameraBag for iPhone/iPad also supports the CBF file format.

Hope this helps!

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