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Camerabag2 style library presets won't load

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2 hours ago, Jamchild said:

Which cbf preset files are you trying to load (where did you get them)? Where are you copying the folder to?

It's the ones on the Camerabag2 official site 1974 etc. Instructions are to copy to the presets folder which I've been doing but nothing shows up and drag & drop says file format not supported.

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11 hours ago, john said:

Hi Brian, just to confirm, are you getting to the presets folder from within camerabag 2? (Open the application, choose file>Reveal Presets Folder.)
Make sure you're getting the Presets/Styles/Borders you want from the links at at: http://nevercenter.com/camerabag/photo/download/#otherdls


I've actually sorted it now thanks, it was the .txt extension that was the issue

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