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Crashes upon saving > Reinstalled > Now crashes when loading any file type

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  1. Repeatable bugs: Yes, every time.
  2. What the bug is: Program crashed when I tried to use "Save as" on a photo I'd just edited. This happened several times. I removed all local files and reinstalled the software via Steam hoping that would fix the issue, but now CR crashed every time I try to load an image of any file type. 
  3. Steps to repeat the bug: Open CR. Click "Load" button in the centre. Choose image. Click "OK". "This program is not responding." 
  4. System/app version/file details: Windows 7 Professional, Camera Bag 2.8.01, updated automatically via Steam. Any file type - JPEG, PNG, RAW, ARW, etc. 
  5. Other info: I tried the proposed fix with shutting down Steam via the Task Manager, but it didn't work.

I'd really like to get this fixed. Please? ._.

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Does CR mean CameraBag? Well, obviously this isn't happening for everyone, including us, so it's pretty hard for us to diagnose. Sounds like something with your specific system configuration. Since it's kind of impossible to diagnose, try installing the demo from our site, and if that works fine then I'd suggest requesting a refund from Steam and just purchasing the site version.

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