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The Utility / Dead Pixel feature allows the specification of an X,Y coordinate. It would be extremely nice if one could point at the dead pixel, setting the coordinate.  It would be even better if one could draw a small region around it and the outlying pixel was "discovered."

Note, there may be more than one Dead Pixel, and thus a little library would be handy.  It'd be extra handy if it recognized the camera serial number and used those as defaults.

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Yeah, hopefully one day :]. It's one of those things where it was easy to program the functionality but would take a good bit of doing to program the interface stuff. So we decided to put in the easy-to-program version you see now rather than wait til we had the time to do all the interface stuff for a pixel chooser, but we would like to improve that in the future. Note that you can put multiple instances of that tile in your tray to handle more than one pixel, and then save that group of Dead Pixel tiles as a custom preset that you can easily reload later.

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