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I have downloaded a trial version of CameraBag Photo.
I am impressed by the Luminance and other masks, but the other features of CameraBag Photo do not appear to be as comprehensive as those of CamerBag 2.
For example, the borders in CB2 are all presets, but the borders in CBP require the input of an image file.
Also, what has happened to the Quick View - I couldn't see it ?

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[I'm on Windows 10. The following may not be relevant on other platforms.]

Unlike prior updates, CameraBag Photo doesn't seem to carry forward your existing presets, such as the old borders from the early days of CameraBag 2. You'll need to copy those over yourself. On Windows, go to your Documents folder and you should find two folders of interest: com.nevercenter.camerabag2 should have your old presets (in a folder called Presets), and com.nevercenter.camerabagphoto is where CameraBag Photo is looking for them (again, in a folder called Presets). When copying, do be careful not to clobber the CameraBag Photo presets with the old ones with the same name.

If you're on a Mac, I can't help you with the details.

Also, only the "Image Border" in CameraBag Photo requires an image file; there are also Basic Border and Fill Border. (Same as CameraBag 2.)

As for Quick View... if you mean Quicklook, it's still there at the top of the Presets column, or with the F key (Shift-F for adding the presets to the existing filter), or with Menu>Edit>Quicklook Presets.

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Thanks so much, Doug, for helping out here! Let us know if you run into further trouble jsendak. Quick view for adjustments have been replaced by the animated hover previews.

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