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Photos Extension in CameraBag 3?

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I just bought Camera Bag from the AppStore, because I found the Photos extension on your feature list for version 2.8. Unfortunately, there is no extension in the system settings for Photos.

Did you remove the extension in version 3 or is this a bug? Are you planning to add it back soon? Else I'd ask for a refund from the AppStore, as I don't work with photo apps without a photos extension anymore (and Camera Bag is not even compatible with the "External Editors" Photos extension).

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Sorry about the confusion with this! We removed Photos extension support with v3.0 because of changing requirements. Among other things, Extension support now requires that we build a whole new interface, and Apple will not let us give users access to the Presets folder (due to Sandboxing requirements), so CameraBag as an Extension is severely hobbled. Combined with the Mac-App-Store-only availability of the Extension (again, due to Sandboxing requirements), we ultimately made the decision to remove this feature until we can provide a quality, consistent user experience.

Hope this helps, and sorry again for the disappointment!

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