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Doug Pardee

Fujifilm DR200 compensation for RAF

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I use auto-DR on my Fujifilm X-T10, so that when it finds a lot of highlights being blown out in a picture I'm about to take, it switches to DR200 mode. In DR200 mode, the camera underexposes by one stop to protect some of the highlights, then compensates for that during JPEG processing.

When working from a RAF (Fuji Raw) file, the compensation needs to be applied by the Raw converter. The Fast Picture Viewer codec for RAF doesn't apply that compensation, with the result that the image is dark by one stop.

Using the JPEG file -- created at the same time as the Raw file -- as a reference, I created the following filter which fairly closely (but obviously not exactly) reproduces the adjustment made by Fuji's JPEG processing.

Note that choice of film simulation will affect this a bit, since the FPV codec's Raw conversion doesn't do film simulations. If accuracy is important, separate filters would be needed for each film sim.

Here's what's in the attached DR200.CBF file:

<filter version="3">
  <mod name="Exposure" version="1" enabled="1">
    <var name="Amount" type="float">1.500000</var>
  <mod name="Tone Curve" version="1" enabled="1">
    <var name="Amount" type="float">1.000000</var>
    <var name="Curve" type="curve">0.000000 0.000000 0.123913 0.273913 0.425000 0.582609 0.665217 0.900000 1.000000 1.000000 </var>
    <var name="Method" type="choice">RGB</var>


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I just wanted to note that this would have been very difficult to do prior to CameraBag Photo. Being able to put both the processed Raw and the unprocessed JPEG into side by side tabs, with their own histograms, was crucial to being able to do this while retaining my sanity.

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