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I'd find it useful if there was something like Alt+drag so you can make very minor adjustments. Or the colour wheels should be way bigger.


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So you're talking about the color wheels adjustment in particular? Of note, if you're using a trackpad, particularly on Mac (windows trackpads vary so much) you can get great precision (more precise than screen pixels) by dragging slowly on the trackpad, on color wheels, color choosers, curve editors, and sliders.

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I'm using a mouse on Windows, I could lower the sensitivity or increase the mouse acceleration (to get the effect you describe) but those would make everything else harder. So having the option to switch between the sliders, colour wheels etc. moving one to one with the cursor to 1 millimeter for every four of the mouse (or something similar) while pressing a button (eg. Alt) would give us that extra level of precision.

While pressing this button the rate of movement by scrolling (which is a very useful option while working with curves to only change the control point in one axis) could also be lowered so you you can make precise changes this way.

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